Party on a Budget: Mint Party Budget Breakdown. Looking for ideas on how to throw a party on a small budget.  Today I’m sharing the budget breakdown for this Mint Shamrock dessert table. Only $100.  Be sure to check out all of our Party on a Budget Ideas and inspiration.

party on a budget-Mint Shamrock

Hey all…so I am starting a new blog series I’m super excited about focusing on throwing parties on a limited budget.  Yay!!

One of the things about parties that I LOVE, LOVE are all the amazing details and super talented people out there that can take your party way over the top in adorableness…but let’s face it, it isn’t always in the budget to go nuts on the food or the decor.  I mean, I throw parties for a living and sometimes, even I just don’t want to go crazy with it all.

Thus…it is party on a budget time!!  This series will highlight party spreads that don’t break the bank, prioritizing your budget, DIY options to save resources, and of course show you some actual, beautiful, creative parties done on the cheap!!!

Alright let’s breakdown this dessert table!!Budget Breakdown-mint Shamrock

This dessert table cost $100.  Most of the cost was decor too, that can totally be modified if you want to bring the cost down or have things already to reuse.  I’ll break it down for you:

Budget Breakdown:

  • Table skirt- $20
  • Name Centerpiece- $20
  • Tissue Tassel Banner: $6
  • Printables: $30
  • Food: $24

Pretty easy peasy and it looks like you spend way more!

Here’s the nitty gritty…


The table skirt was a white sheet and a Wrap Around Style Easy Fit Elastic Bed Ruffles that I dyed mint green.  The sheet was $5.  The Ruffle was $7 and the RIT dye was $8  (1/2 tsp Rit Dye Liquid Fabric Dye, 8-Ounce, Teal, 1 tsp Rit Powder Dye Lemon Yellow 1.125 Ounces and a bucket of hot water).  The great part about doing skirts like this, you can redye them later on (as long as you are going darker) and re-use saving you cost down on your next party!  The ruffle bedskirt fits right to the edge of the table and you can use white fabric or a cheap bedsheet to cover the table top.IMG_8182

Centerpiece/Tissue Banner/Printables:

Cost varies on this centerpiece based on the length of the name, but this was super easy. I also used some of the spray paint from the centerpiece to refurbish some old picture frames to match the party. Tutorial coming soon!IMG_8146

I also will have a tutorial for this super easy and inexpensive tissue tassel banner backdrop soon on the blog as well!  The Printables are available in my shop For $29.  I do frequently run sales and promotions and of course, you can always get 10% off for signing up for my mailing list, so there are opportunities to save on those as well!!IMG_8139


Chocolate chip Cookies, I homemade for $5 worth of ingredients, which is roughly the cost of a box or two, if you don’t have a recipe you love.  Easy and a huge hit with the kiddos.  I got a dozen cupcakes and a dozen glazed donuts from my local grocery store for $5 each.  I love buying cupcakes from the grocery store because they are cheaper and easier than baking them myself!!  IMG_8193

I made green fruit skewers from a few kiwi, a few green apples, a few kiwi and some green grapes, $6 worth of fruit.  And then marshmallow pops (a jumbo marshmallow rolled in Gold Sanding Sugar with a straw stuck in the top for $4.  Easy peasy!IMG_8192

Be sure to check out all of our Party on a Budget Ideas and inspiration.

Wanna throw a Mint Shamrock Party?

The Printable Mint Shamrock Party Collection is available for purchase in my shop:Mint Shamrock display file