Ideas for building Leprechaun Traps no matter how much time you have!

Leprechaun Trap ideas for all craft abilities and ages!  If you are looking to trap a Leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day…you have come to the right place.  We are talking about all sorts of DIY ways to catch those sneaky little leprechauns with everyday items and a little creativity!

Need to trap a Leprechaun?  If you are searching for ideas for building a trap, you probably fall into wither the homeschooler, teacher or parent of elementary kids camps.  The Leprechaun Trap is a staple project for little learners who are studying the fun and festive side of St. Patrick’s Day.  

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Leprechaun Trap Ideas

We have some amazing Leprechaun trap ideas to share with you.  No need to fret…building the perfect little trap does not need to be a giant parent homework headache.  It can instead be a fun activity where you can let your little one’s creativity flow!

What’s a leprechaun trap?

First things first…What the heck is a leprechaun trap?  Simple answer. It’s a homemade trap you use to catch a Leprechaun.  It’s a fun way to teach a little science with your social studies as kids need to be able to explain how their traps work, which usually means simple machines and weight.  

If you are a teacher assigning a Leprechaun Trap project, here is an awesome free letter to send home explaining the project to parents!

To make your own leprechaun trap, here are some important features you may want to include: 

Bait – What does your Leprechaun want to find?  Why would he enter your trap at all? The most popular answer for any leprechaun is GOLD.  Whether fake or a few real coins…you have to give your Leprechaun a reason to stand right where you want him! 

Lucky Charms and shiny objects are also good lure for a Leprechaun.

Trapping Mechanism – Set up something that your Leprechaun can’t escape from.  Maybe a fake floor and he falls in a hole.  Maybe he trips a wire/string and a jar falls on top of him. 

How are you going to keep your Leprechaun secured?  Remember…leprechauns are tricky little buggers!  They are great at the escape!

Leprechaun Decoration – think green, gold, rainbow.  Shamrocks (cut out from paper or stickers are great ideas) and glitter can take an ordinary trap and breathe some Leprechaun life into it!

Follow those simple guidelines, add a little creativity and enjoy creating an amazing Leprechaun trap with your kids!


Easy Leprechaun Traps

Now onto the inspiration.  First up, we have simple Leprechaun traps.  These are the adorable and less time consuming options that meet all the criteria, look great, but won’t take your whole weekend (or let’s be real…keep you up until midnight the night before it’s due!  just me?)

Leprechaun Trap from The Suburban Soap Box

Cute and simple…this fun trap lures in your little green friend with bright colors and the promise of gold.  Rolos make great gold gift for Leprechauns.

Simple Leprechaun Trap from Maya Bear

Have some popsicle sticks and a box laying about?  Here is a fun and simple trap your kids will love!

Under the Rainbow Leprechaun Trap from Fun Money Mom

Who needs a box, when you can use a Leprechauns own hat to entrap them?

Free Gold Leprechaun Trap from Busy Being Kaylee

Everyone knows a Leprechaun can’t resist free gold.  This simple trap will lure them in with a rainbow and the promise of a pot of gold!

Under the Hat Leprechaun Trap from Hoosier Homemade

Here is another fun “trapped under their own hat” idea. Simple and sweet.


Themed Leprechaun Traps

There are also some more elaborate traps that a themed for Leprechauns.  You are gonna love these ideas.

Leprechaun Motel from Sweet Metal Moments

Even Leprechauns need a vacation.  Have them check into your End of the Rainbow Motel!  This ideas comes with free printables.


Welcome Inn Leprechaun Trap from Molly Moo Crafts

Another adorable Leprechaun Hotel idea.  I love the rope ladder!


Do Not Climb Leprechaun Trap from Martha Stewart

Trick those tricky little Leprechauns with some Reverse Psychology.  What little trickster can resist a “Do Not Climb” sign?


Leprechaun Resort Trap from Moms & Munchkins

This Golden Resort has every amenity a tired Leprechaun would want after a full day of avoiding Leprechaun traps.  Check it out. 


Leprechaun Trap Tutorials

Here are some step by step tutorials for making your own Leprechaun Trap.  Ready to learn how to catch a Leprechaun?

Leprechaun Trap Tutorial from GoldieBlox

Get ready for some fun with this adorable trap idea.


Simple Leprechaun Traps from The Best Ideas for Kids

Here are three super simple, step by step, Leprechaun traps.  These are great for last minute builders too!


Slide Leprechaun Trap from Grey House Harbor

Ok, seriously…who can resist a FREE SLIDE?  Certainly not a fun loving Leprechaun.  


How to Catch a Leprechaun from Classroom Creative

The lure of this pot at the end of the rainbow is way too much for any little Leprechaun.  Plus…it’s an easy build!


Leprechaun Trap Tutorial from Tic Toc Toy Family

Here are some more step by step ideas for awesome Leprechaun traps!


Impressive Leprechaun Traps

Ok…let’s face it…sometimes you are really wanting to make the most amazing Leprechaun trap in the class.  Check out these fantastic and festive ideas:

STEM Leprechaun Trap from Little Bins for Little Hands

If you have a little Science lover…this STEM inspired Leprechaun trap is guaranteed to peak their little engineering mind!


Lego Leprechaun Trap from A Blonde and 3 Boys

Yes…Legos DO make everything better!  This awesome Lego Leprechaun trap is sure to be a winner!


Do Not Climb Leprechaun Trap from Pinterest

Make your own St. Patrick’s Day Top Hat Leprechaun Trap.  It’s fun, its formal…it’s functional.  What is not to love?



Conclusion for How to Build a Leprechaun Traps:

Whew!  That was a lot of fantastic ideas!  Great inspiration for building that perfect Leprechaun trap with your darlings!

Did you find a trap you love?  Please comment below and let us know what you decided to build!  

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