One of the things I love about having kids is how ordinary and even typically icky things are suddenly cute and magical in the eyes of a child. One example of this is the ladybug. My daughters think ladybugs are sooo cute. They ooh and ahh over little ladybug cartoon images and dress up with little antenna and red and black polka-dotted tutus are flit around the house. For my daughter’s dance recital this year…she was convinced she was a pretty little ladybug in her red and black…Me…I see a ladybug and I see a BUG…but I guess that’s the difference between me and my 3 year old little princess…

Despite them being bugs, there are soooo many cute ideas for throwing a ladybug party for your little lovebug.  Ladybugs are simple shapes and patterns that can be made easily with many different methods of crafting and incorporated into parties super easily.

There are also tons of foods that are easy to make and adapt for ladybugs and of course, to get black dots…you can always add a little chocolate, and who doesn’t like a little chocolate!! Here is one of my favorite ladybug cookie tutorials from Sugar Belle:

I think the striking black and red colors are adorable for little girls and ladybugs can be cute and fun for a birthday party, whether big or little.  I have compiled a pinterest board of some of my favorite ladybug party ideas.

I also have designed a fun sweet little ladybug party called lovebug.  This ladybug party design would be great for a little girl’s birthday party round valentine’s day or really any time of year.

I mixed some pretty bubblegum pink in with the traditional black and red in fun patterns.  The pretty little ladybugs are playful and sweet…perfect for a little lady’s birthday.

The Printable Lovebug Party Decorations are available for purchase in my shop: