Penguin Party: Patterned Wooden Letter Tutorial.  Dressing up wooden letters is as easy as…well this Wooden Letter tutorial!  Looking for more Penguin party ideas?  Check out this hot cocoa bar, this winter wonderland party and these delicious winter treats.


Hey, Ya’ll.

Today,I’m sharing how I made the patterned wooden letters from my daughter’s Pretty Penguin Party

These letters were super easy to make and looked soooo cute when they were all setup.

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What you will need:

Wooden Letters (4-8 inches recommended)

Patterned Paper PDF file (most Mimi’s Dollhouse Party packages come with Patterned paper PDFs)

Adhesive 8.5×11 paper (see Recommendations)

Coordinating Paint

X-acto Knife (X-ACTO X3251 Designer Series Craft Knife, Pink)


Step One:

I purchased unfinished wooden letters. I ordered these letters from a shop called Wooden Letters.  I liked this shop primarily for their font options:)  These particular letters are 6 inches tall.  Wooden letters can be purchased at craft stores like Hobby Lobby as well.

Step Two:

If needed, sand the edges of the letters so that they are smooth using sand paper (3M 9019 General Purpose Sandpaper Sheets, 3-2/3-Inch by 9-Inch, Assorted Grit).

Step Three:

Paint the back and sides of the letters in a coordinating color to the patterned paper you are using.  Since I was making these letters black and white, I painted the letters black.  Allow the paint to dry.

Penguin Party: Patterned Wooden Letter Tutorial-Mimi's Dollhouse

Step Four:

Print the patterned paper PDF onto the adhesive paper.  Peel back the protective layer and place the unpainted front side of the letters firmly on the adhesive paper.  Be careful not to leave bubbles in the patterned paper.  You will want it to be smooth and press firmly so that it attached completely.

Step Five:

Using the X-acto Knife, carefully cut around the letters.  Once the letters have been cut out, use a little of the paint to smooth out the edges and cover any imperfections made when cutting.

Once you have the letters completed, you can display them on your table like so:

Easy Peasy!!

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