Bee Party: Buzz-worthy Bee Party Ideas.  Throwing a Bee Party or Mom to Bee Baby Shower?  I have some fun Bumblebee ideas to share with you today!  Be sure to check out all our Bug and Bee Party Ideas and Inspiration.

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Ok so is it totally weird that I think pretend bees are super adorable and cute, but real bees completely freak me out?  Probably!!  Despite the real life ick factor…bee parties are one of the cutest things EVER.  There are so many fun play on words with “BEE” too. Happy BEE day…Mom to BEE…What will it BEE? And well, I’m a sucker for some good word play:)

I have compiled some of my favorite Bee Party ideas for ya’ll today.  Check it out…

1. Bee Marshmallow Pops from Sugar Plum Creations

Yeah…these are basically awesome.  The best part too, is that they seem relatively easy to replicate.  Adorable!!


 2.  Bee Cookies by Sugarbelle

So if you haven’t figured out by now that I am a MAJOR Sugarbelle fan, ummm…I am!  Her tutorials are crazy good and so easy!  Aren’t these little cookies just the best???


 3. Bee Hive Pinata from Events by Social Graces

Wanna amp up your party with a Super great DIY idea…this Bee Hive Pinata is the way to go.  Genius…seriously!


 4. Lemon Slice Honeycomb by Parties by KLM

I love creative ways to display simple foods…this is hands down one of my favorites ever.  This is so simple and clever it almost seems too good to be true.  Plus, bonus…it doesn’t require kitchen skills which is awesome if baking makes you break out in hives (ok…I had too, it was just too easy!)


 5. Bee Balloons by Festiva

Another simple and adorable DIY Bee Party Idea…simple balloons and a black sharpie and we are in business.  LOVE it!


Here are some helpful links for throwing a bee party:

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