Homemade Ice Cream Recipes for Summer

Nothing says summer like delicious home made ice cream!!  Whether you like classic flavors like vanilla, fruity flavors lemon or are feeling adventurous and want to add in some spice, these ice cream recipes are SURE to please!

So I don’t have any proof of this, other than my own experience and opinion…but I’m confident that ice cream has healing powers.  Whenever a day is bad, the weather is blah, or I just don’t feel like adulting…ice cream seems to made EVERYTHING better.

Making homemade ice cream is just one of those amazing ways of exercising some creativity in the kitchen and eating away the “Mondays”.  Once you’ve tried a simple ice cream recipe…you will undoubtably want to move on to some super delicious and creative recipes.  

Good news..we have those covered for you!

Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Let’s talk about some super delicious homemade ice cream recipes.  Are you hungry yet?  These recipes range from scrumptious to slap your mama fantastic.  I know you are going to love trying out these ice cream gems!


Creamy Lemon Vanilla Ice Cream from Five Marigolds

Banana Split Ice Cream Recipe from Courtney’s Sweets

French Toast Ice Cream from Of Batter and Dough

No-Churn Peppermint Ice Cream from A Cedar’s Spoon

Roasted Plum Ice Cream from Mom Advice

Coffee Cacao Nib Ice Cream from Crave the Good *This one is dairy free!

No Churn Peanut Butter Ice Cream from Plating Pixels

Paleo Pineapple Ice Cream from Recipe This

No Churn Blackberry Ice Cream from Welcome to the Family

Easy Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream from Sweet Tea and Thyme

Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream from We’re Parents

No Churn Lemon Ice Cream from Julie Blanner


Tips and Tools for making ice cream at home

Don’t forget to make sure you have a good ice cream maker and plenty of freezer space.  I also recommend getting all your ingredients ready before you start.

You don’t want to be in the thick of a recipe (especially if you are working again the clock on getting something in the freezer) and then find out you are missing something important! 

Just get it all out and on the counter at the start!

Here are some helpful links for making homemade ice cream:



Ice Cream Floats and Shakes

So another fantastic option for homemade ice cream is making yummy shakes and floats.  Nothing says summer day like a thick and creamy homemade ice cream shake!!  


Ice Cream Floats and Shakes Recipes

These delicious shake recipes are definitely something that would be a hit for a summer party or even just hangin out in your backyard enjoying the heat!

Brandy Spiked Apple Cider Floats from Tipsy Chickens

Mermaid Ice Cream Shake from Finding Zest

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda from A Good Hearted Woman

Birthday Cake Milkshake from Mommy Moment

Strawberry Punch from California Unpublished

Irish Stout Ice Cream Float from Home and Plate

Blackberry Milkshakes from Blossom to Stem

Homemade Copycat Wendy’s Frosty from The Farm Wife Drinks

Red Velvet Ice Cream Float from Coupon Clipping Cook

Strawberry Rubarb Ice Cream Floats from Neighbor Food Blog

Cherry Chocolate Chip Milkshake from Champagne Tastes

Lo-Carb Coffee Milkshake from Low Carb Yum

Pineapple Orange Creamsicle Milkshake from Home and Plate


Tips and Tools for Ice Cream Floats

When making ice cream shakes and floats…think through what you plan to serve them in.  Sometimes having glasses pre-frozen can help to keep a shake or float nice and cold and un-melty (is that a technical term?)  

This is particularly helpful if you are enjoying your shakes and floats outside!

Conclusion for Homemade Shakes and Ice Cream Ideas:

There are so many amazing ways to make and enjoy homemade ice cream for summer. These ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing and quench that desire to really eat some fantastic ice cream at home. I know you will love each of these recipes and will make them over and over!


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Thank you for reading my favorite ice cream recipes!