Emoji Valentines: Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards. Want some Valentine’s Day Cards that are sure to please your kids and their friends this Valentine’s Day? Don’t be “meh” about these Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards!! Looking for more Free Valentines?  Check out these Arrow Valentines, these Mustache Valentines and this fun Valentine’s Day party.

Ok…confession.  I was not at all interested in seeing the Emoji Movie.  I know, right?  My kids were super excited for it to come out…one of their favorite things to do is text emojis.  They will get their iPads and sit across the room from one another and have entire conversations in emoji.  I guess this is 2018’s version of passing multi-colored notes back and forth in class like I used to do with my friends in school.  Ah, memories…well they were super stoked to see the movie, and I was “meh”, appropriate right?  We downloaded the movie and sat down to have a mommy-daughter movie night, watched the whole thing and LOVED it.  It was so adorable.  The message was on point and the humor was too.  They loved the movie so much, they asked for Emoji Valentine’s Day cards.  What’s a party-planning, printable making mom to do???  Make super fun Emoji Valentines of course!!!  

Emoji Free Printable Valentine's Day CardsEmoji Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards

These are super simple!  Download the printables using the link below.  Print on cardstock or matte photo paper.  (Need paper recommendations?)  Cut the Valentines with scissors or use a paper cutter.  Have your kiddos sign the Valentines and attach candy with hot glue or tape.  Easy peasy and less expensive than the generic store bought valentines!!!  We are winning at Valentine’s Day!!

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We also have some fun Valentine’s Day printables to get your creative juices flowing…and of course, when you style your party, submit your party pictures to Mimi’s Dollhouse for your own feature.  I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!!  Spread the LOVE!!!