Beetlejuice Cookies, Cakes and Party Food

Looking for some deliciously devious and down right disgusting Beetlejuice party treats and food ideas?  From Beetlejuice Cakes to Beetlejuice Cocktails…we have all the most fabulous and grotesque ideas for a tricky undead fiend of a birthday party or Halloween party.

Beetlejuice.  Beetljuice. Beetlejuice.  Yep…let’s start this party off right!

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If you love this super creepy, super dead, super campy party theme…you are sure to love these dessert ideas.  Perfect for the playful and nostaglic in us all!

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Beetlejuice Food Ideas

To style a fabulously creepy Beetlejuice themed party you definitely need some amazing themed food ideas.  Before we get into all the yummy desserts…let’s talk about some savory options.  Not all party food has to be cake after all!

Haunted Shrimp Cocktail Breadsticks from Inspiring Magical Memories

If you aren’t excited about the haunted shrimp cocktail…are you even a fan?  These cute haunted shrimp breadsticks are a great savory party treat!  This is a nice spin on a normal shrimp cocktail.


Eyeball Appetizers from Chickpea Meatball

Delicious eyeballs anyone?  These are clever and perfect for popping in your mouth like Adam pops them our of his head…right?


Beetlejuice Drinks

If you are styling a party for grownups…then whipping up a Beetlejuice themed cocktail is a must.  Here are some to DIE for recipes to try…


Beetlejuice Cocktails from Craft and Cocktails

The cucumber garnish might be my favorite thing ever!  Beautiful and tasty!


Beetlejuice Juice from Bewitching Guide to Halloween

Yummy…green…and perfectly served.  Here is a great way to put the JUICE in your Beetlejuice.


Beetlejuice Cocktail from Bread Booze Bacon

Here is another super tasty cocktail option.  Why not try them all?


Beetlejuice Cakes

Alright…let’s get into the sweets. A beautifully themed cake is a great way to showcase your theme and really bring out the devilishly delicious side of your party.

Beetlejuice Cake from Eat the Dead

This cake is topped with a bat carousel and features the iconic sandworm.  Love it.


Beetlejuice Cake from Popcorn Reviews

This cake is simple and eay to recreate.  If you aren’t a master cake decorator…a simple and on point cake is definitely the way to go.


Beetlejuice Cake from Cherry Girl Bake Shop

The detail in this topsy turvy cake is to DIE for.


Beetlejuice Suit Cake from Susie Makes Cakes

Another simple fondant decorated cake for the win.  There is no doubt this cake belongs to Beetlejuice himself…without all the royal icing stress!


Beetlejuice Layer Cake from Paper Street Parlour

Using cookies to top and decorate a cake is also another great way to really get the design right.  Love this giant sandworm cookie on this cake!


Beetlejuice Cookies

Along with a gruesome cake…you definitely need some perfectly planned sugar cookies.  Here are some of the best Beetlejuice cookies EVER.

Beetlejuice Cookies from Royally Yours Cookies

It’s Showtime…the details on these cookies…so so good!


Bride Cookie Fingers from Pretty Cake Machine

Here is a fun twist on traditional sugar cookies.  Almond nails and fondant rings.  Yep.


Beetlejuice Cookies from Fooditarian

Beetlejuice suit and tie wins again.  These are great and simple, yet oh so good.


Sandworm Cookies from Inspiring Magical Memories

Here is a great sandworm cookie DIY.  If you want a treat you can make yourself…this is definitely a good one.


Beetlejuice Face Cookies from Not Quite Nigella

Beetlejuice face cookies are creepy and exciting all at the same time, right?  These come with a fun tutorial…give them a go!


Beetlejuice Cookies from Bubbas Cookie Cupboard

Here are some more deliciously creative beetlejuice cookies…I love the Lydia face.


Beetlejuice Desserts

Of course, there are plenty of dessert options that are NOT cookies and cakes.  Let’s take a look at some additional amazingly dreary options.

Fondant Cupcake Toppers from Pop Em On Toppers

Fondant toppers are always a win.  they can be put on simple cupcakes, of cookies.  They can also be used on cake or as decorations to bring any dessert on theme.


Easy Beetlejuice Truffles from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

These are cute and simple to make.  You definitely need some Beetlejuice truffles.  Definitely.


Beetlejuice Jello Shots from Simplistically Living

Sandworm Jello Shots anyone?  Easy.  Beautiful.  Yep…these are a MUST serve.  Must.


Beetlejuice Cake Pops from Cake Pop LA

These are beautiful.  They look delicious and they are almost too cute to be creepy.  LOVE THEM.


Beetlejuice Burial Site Treat from Chickpea Meatball

Here’s a simple and yummy treat option.  Burial Site anyone?  Equipped with worms!


Beetlejuice Cake Pops from Cake Jawn

And last but CERTAINLY not least…these cake pops are some of the best things I’ve seen.  So details and so perfectly scary.  LOVE IT.


Beetlejuice Party Tableware

One of the best ways to serve up delicious party food for a themed party is themed tableware. This helps to bring the theme all together and also is easy on the budget.  Here are some fabulous Beetlejuice themed party plates, napkins and more…

Beetlejuice Tableware from Amazon

Beetlejuice Tableware from Amazon


Black and White Striped Tableware from Amazon

Gothic Black Tableware from Amazon




Conclusion for Beetlejuice Dessert Ideas:

Whew.  If you aren’t excited about a Beetlejuice theme by NOW…then I don’t know what to tell you.  These adorable and creepy Beetljuice cakes and cookies and other party food ideas are perfect for celebrating the living and the dead.  Whether you are planning a birthday or a Halloween party…these food ideas are sure to set your party in the right direction.

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