20+ Ideas for a Spook-tacluar Nightmare Before Christmas Party

This is Halloween!  Are you looking to style a fang-tastic Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party?  These decor ideas and party inspirations are SCARY good.  You won’t be disappointed!


Ready to party the Halloween night away Jack and Sally style?

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These ideas are just what the Pumpkin King ordered for a perfectly themed birthday, baby shower or Halloween party…check them out.

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Jack Skellington Party Ideas

An amazing NBC themed party is a great theme for a Halloween party.  It’s also a fun twist on a Christmas party.  I’ve also seen so spooky fun birthday parties and even baby showers with this clever theme. 

No matter what your reason for pulling out all the creepy decor and fun food ideas…you definitely need some of the most clever Nightmare themed decor for your party.

Good news…we have definitely got those covered!  Check out all the eeky creepy ideas…

Nightmare Before Christmas Party from Make Life Lovely

This handmade Oogie Boogie is perfection.  Also the cemetery fence on the back table. Love. It.


Backyard Movie Screen from Laura’s Little Party

Looking to actually SHOW the Nightmare Before Christmas movie?  I mean…why not?  Here is a super simple and fun backyard screen idea.  Perfectly themed and a great party activity EVERYONE can enjoy!


Nightmare Before Christmas Party Decorations

Once you have all your food planned and your activities in order…it’s time to bust out those little decor details that really take your party to the next level. 

Here are some super creepy little details you won’t want to forget…

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Decor from Fun 365

Take a simple white pumpkin and turn it into a Jack Skellington centerpiece.  Yes, please!


Posable NBC Characters from Oriental Trading Store

Set up some posable and lifesized characters around your party.  These fun “extra guests” would make a great addition to your party!

Floating Zero the Dog from Krista Nash

It’s not a Nightmare party without ZERO!  This floating Zero decoration is a great way to accent a table of really bring a pop of spooky cute to your party table.


Xmas Countdown Clock from DIY NBC Props

I mean…comeon…how is this NOT an absolutely necessary piece of decor for ANY Nightmare party? Countdown to Xmas DIY for the win!


Nightmare Before Christmas Balloons from Amazon

Add a little extra pop and flair with some simple balloons.  Balloons are a great way to jazz up any party decor.  These Jack Skellington balloons are a must have.


Purple and Black Balloon Garland from Amazon

Adding some purple and black balloons into the mix is a great decor addition.


Purple and Black Decorations from Amazon

Another great decor idea are some spooky black and purple decorations that can add some flair to the mix.


NBC Banner from Sandy’s Party Creations

Here is a handmade banner option that would be a great addition to your  Nightmare themed birthday.


Jack Skellington Door Printable from Homemade Heather

Greet your guests in style with this awesome printable Jack Skellington face.  Turn any white door into a perfectly themed entrance!


Jack Skellington Garland from Disney Family

Simple DIT garland made a Jack Skellington heads.  Yep.  This will definitely be a hit.  You will love these and have a blast making them too.


Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Topper from Sandy’s Party Creations

This handmade cake topper is the perfect addition to a Nightmare themed cake.  Dance the night away Jack and Sally style.  Love it.


Nightmare Before Christmas Party Supplies

Here are some simple Nightmare before Christmas themed supplies to help you pull of the perfect NBS themed party.  

Editable Invitations from Luxury Digital

What is better than inviting your guests with a simple printable and customizable invite.  Cute and perfectly themed!


Sally’s Bottles from 3 Little Birds Studio

Here is a fun little extra to any table top.  Fill them ot leave them empty as merely decor.  Either way…they will be a cute little detail you won’t regret adding!


Printable Banner from Emily All Over

Printable banners are great extras that are budget friendly and perfectly on theme.


Wall Hangers from Amazon

These are simple decor options to add a pop of character to your party.  Also…they definitely pull that Nightmare Haunted Mansion feel into the mix.


Nightmare Before Christmas Table Decor from AMJ Shop

These adorable little wooden pieces are great extras to add to any table top.  Add a little pop of character or a fun quote with your desserts or food or party activities.  


NBC Treat Bags from Creation by Sabrina

Send your guests home with adorable character themed treat bags.  These are just right for a Nightmarish party and a great way to take home the fun.  Fill with candy or treats or whatever you choose to wish your guest ado.


Digital Paper from Emily All Over

Themed digital paper can be printed and used in so many ways for a party.  From lining plates to adding a pop of decor to cupcake toppers.  You name it…the uses are limitless.


Jack and Sally Table Runner from Amazon

Here is a simple table runner with lots of possibilities.  Jack and Sally would definitely approve.


Jack Skellington Party Tableware

Here are some cute and simple table ware options for decorating your party Nightmare style.  Grab these are save both time AND money.  Winning combination!  Just like Jack and Sally!

Nightmare Before Christmas Tableware from Oriental Trading

Nightmare Before Christmas Tableware from Amazon

 Jack and Sally Tableware from Amazon

Jack Skellington Tableware from Amazon

Conclusion for Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party:

These idea are absolutely spooktacular…what a fun way to make a Nightmare Before Christmas really stand out and win the holiday war!  Whether you are team Halloween or team Christmas…we know you will love planning this party.  These decor ideas and party supplies are just what a Jack Skellington party needs.  Enjoy your partying.


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