Lions and tigers and ZEBRAS???

What better way to celebrate a wonderful and wild little girl than through bold and dynamic zebra stripes:)  I love getting client party photos. It always puts a smile on my face to see how the creative, beautiful and often surprising ways that my printable packages are incorporated into special days.

Here are some pictures of my Zebra Party Decorations I recently (okay in December…I’m a little behind on my featuring…tisk, tisk…feel free to shake your finger at me sternly) received.  Avery’s Wild 1st birthday Party.  This party incorporated the striking Zebra stripes and pink and turquoise from my Zebra Chic Party collection

 Here is the adorable little Avery with her birthday banner…Don’t you just love her bow?!?!

Here she is getting ready for her smash cake…LOVE the hat!!

 This is my favorite special touch…the new born photo over the table scape…so sweet and it just brings everything together so nicely…(awesome job Beth)

 Smash cake topper…

 I love the hat…I really like how Beth put the 4 inch circle on the hat…such a neat addition.

 Welcome signs are also another favorite of mine…

Thank you for sharing the pictures of Avery’s special day with me:)

The Zebra Chic Party Decorations Package is available in the shop: