Valentine’s Day: Our Love Story.  Today I’m sharing a little bit of love and some personal stuff:)  If you like hearing all about us, check out my other posts about my family.

Love Story Pic

So its gonna get a little personal up in here today!  I’m gonna tell you guys a little story:)

Recently, I was contacted by Personal Creations to participate in their “Love is Everyday” Valentine’s Day campaign. It got me thinking about my man!  My husband and I have been married for 9 years this month.  It’s been a crazy roller coaster of highs and lows and good times and bad times and babies and career changes and living in four different states and more…but one thing always stays the same through all the change:


I am ever grateful that God has given me the best partner and friend I’ve ever had.  Here below you can see us 9 years ago at our wedding and then again last year with our beautiful little girls…our family looks different now, but in so many ways, still the same.


We actually got into a huge fight the night before our wedding.  HUGE.  It was stupid.  I was stupid.  He was stupid.  We both said things we didn’t mean.  When it came time to go our separate ways for the night and get some sleep before the happiest day of our lives/sleep off the mad…the last thing I wanted to do was kiss him.  No way, no how.  I was justifiably (or at least in my own mind) mad at him!  Not at all in a kissing mood.  In that moment, he said something I will never forget…”Always Kiss me Goodnight…no matter what.”  I remember thinking he was crazy and against my own selfish desire, kissed him goodnight.  It was worth it!  I love that our marriage started this way.  No matter what the fight…we always kiss good night.

For the “Love is Everyday” campaign I knew the item I had to choose was the Always Kiss Me Goodnight Canvas.  I mean how perfect is that for our story?  It is the perfect addition to our bedroom wall, a constant reminder of the sentiment that has served us well all these years.  IMG_7170

Check out all the items available for sharing your love story at Personal Creations.

This is a sponsored post written by me. Mimi’s Dollhouse may have been compensated for this post, but rest assured…all thoughts and opinions are totally honest and totally my own:)