We’re going back into the archives today!!!  My daughter is obsessed with old photos, mainly of herself, her sister, and me and how much we all look alike.  One of her favorite games is “Who is this?”, where I show her a picture of one of the three of us ages 0-3 and she figures out which one it is.  She’s pretty good at it…much better than her Daddy at telling us all apart.  Here’s an example:lookalikephotos(I’m the one on the left with the Tom Selleck mustache peeking out of the corner.  That’s my dad…don’t worry the mustache was short lived!!)

Anyway…We were going through pictures from the girls first birthdays, and I realized I had never actually posted any of the photo’s from my Aubrey’s first birthday.  So that’s what I’m doing today…it’s pretty simple, not a ton of decor (I was still learning the art of putting together a party spread) and unfortunately, I didn’t take very many photos, but it still holds a special place in my heart…

When your kids are turning 4 or 5 and have opinions…your parties lean toward their wants and wishes and interests.  When your baby turns ONE…its all about what you, the parent, want because…let’s face it, they don’t have a clue what’s going on anyway.  They just love your smiling face and eating cake!!!  So choosing a theme for my baby’s first birthday was simple….a Pink Polka Dotted Elephant Party, of course:)  Since elephants are my favorite animal and oh so cute in pink!!

Here are some photos:IMG_9309

Here is my little princess enjoying her smash cake.  And a close up of the bib I sewed for her.  I knew she would get cake all over her little outfit, but I didn’t want her to be “nakey” in her pics, so a hot pink diaper cover and a homemade hot pink bib…perfect!!IMG_9335

Here is the cute and AMAZINGLY yummy cake made by my friend Brooke…she also made the little smash cake…  IMG_9325



Here are bags with the elephant cutout attached to them. I used buttons to accent the eyes as well…

The chocolate fountain…with pink chocolate.  I used white chocolate with a little red food coloring.  It was pretty easy peasy, my recommendation for anyone wanting to try this, however, is to add a little milk to the chocolate to make it extra runny as the white chocolate doesn’t flow as smoothly as the milk chocolate.

Elephant Party: Aubrey's Pink Polka Dot Elephant 1st-Mimi's Dollhouse

Here’s my little Aubrey in her bikini…  I also found little pink elephant pool toys that floated about the pool and were a huge hit with all the little ones.  They kept trying to catch the elephants.

Elephant Party: Aubrey's Pink Polka Dot Elephant 1st-Mimi's Dollhouse

My FAVORITE detail of the party were the large elephant cutouts we had hiding all around the yard.  These were super easy to make…foam board, black and white polka dot wrapping paper and hot pink poster board.  I drew the elephants out on the board, cut and covered them with the wrapping paper and poster board.   They turned out pretty awesome!!!IMG_9340IMG_9337

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