Celebrate Your Wild One with fun Where the Wild Things Are Cakes, Decorations and Party Ideas!

Wild One Birthday Party: Where the Wild Things Are Cake, Decor and More!!  Wild Things is one of the hottest trends in birthday parties.  We have some amazing ideas and wild one birthday party inspiration to share today.

Whether you are throwing a Wild Things baby shower or a Wild One birthday party, these ideas will blow your mind.  Check out our boho party ideas and woodlands party ideas.

This season is all about the wood grain and rustic parties. Whether its boho chic or it’s woodlands or its antlers, you can’t go wrong with some rustic elegance.  One of the hottest trends in boy’s parties right now is the Where the Wild Things Are party themes. 

You can have a Wild Things Baby Shower (I actually used this theme for MY baby boy’s shower a few months back).  You can also have an absolutely adorable Wild One birthday party. 

☑️ This Wild One Party Kit is the perfect set to get your party planning headed in the right direction!

This is particularly perfect for a first birthday party theme.

Most of the Wild One birthday parties I have seen lately have been a combo of wood and yellow, black and white.  Orange and green are common accent colors and often there is some gold worked into the design.  All in all, the parties are absolutely stunning. 

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I have some fantastic Wild One birthday party ideas to share today.  Check it out:

Wild Things Cakes

Yummy, yummy…I love me some cake!!!  These cakes are to die for too.  So beautiful and so…well you’ll see!!

Where the Wild Things Are Cake from Tuesdays with Jacob

This adorable boat cake topper was made by The Cupcake Stylist. This cake topper is everything. if I could mold fondant like this…I’d never do anything else.  Seriously….it’s perfection. 

Even the shading detailing on the sail of the boat.  I’d say I’m speechless, but we all know that isn’t true!!


Wild One Birthday Party Cake on Pretty Tasty Things

This cake might honestly be my favorite cake EVER.  It’s so simple and perfect and white.  But then you see the kind of messy “hand drawn” trees and the little Max on top. 

It’s so simple and yet captures the feel of the Where the Wild Things Are book perfectly.  And I wasn’t kidding about those colors, right!!


Wild Things Cakes from Cottontail Cake Studio

Just in case you thought one Where the Wild Things Are cake was enough to rock your socks, Cottontail Cake Studio takes it up a notch with TWO Wild Things Cakes. 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate those amazing fondant figures and trees.


Wild Thing Cake from A Pocket of Time

I love this Where the Wild Things Are Cake.  It is perfectly adorable, but also would be a fairly easy to DIY.  Using fondant and frosting and this icing tool.  Absolutely perfect. 

I love creative takes on cakes. While the tiered cakes can be beautiful, it’s cakes like this that make me smile!!


DIY Wild Things Tree Stump Cake from Sugar Hero

Looking for an easy DIY Where the Wild Things Are Cake?  This tutorial is awesome-sauce. Who knew you could make a cake look like a tree stump.  I totally, totally dig this cake. 

I love that it is super simple and yet it completely captures the feel of the book.  Adorbs!!


Here are some helpful links for making a Where the Wild Things Are Cake:


Where the Wild Things Are Party Outfits

Ok, do me a favor..if you are gonna be a mom who throws gorgeous parties, also..also…dress your kiddos for those parties.  I mean, there are levels.  I have plenty of parties where my kids just match the color scheme.

But also, I have plenty of parties where they have adorable matchy-matchy party specific outfits.  Either way, your pictures will be better and your party more cohesive if you coordinate the kid!!

DIY Max Costume from A Night Owl

If you are going to have a more elaborate costume.  This DIY max outfit is adorable.  I love the details.  This would be perfection on a little wild one.  If DIY isn’t really in your wheel house, you can also order a costume here.


Wild Thing Outfit from Simply Spinning Thread

Dressing baby in a sweet non-costume is also absolutely adorable.  This little Wild One birthday party outfit is precious.


Wild Things Outfit from Lil Squirts

Also, stay away from the costume idea, but step up the class with this cutie cute cute suspenders and bow tie are little boy amazing!!!  I love the boho feel.  I know this would be perfection on a little chubster!!


Where the Wild Things Are Max Costume from Kimber Makes

There are also adorable options if you would like to have a cute custom costume, but don’t feel particularly up to the task of sewing a costume yourself.  This Where the Wild Things Are costume can be ordered handmade and is oh so cute!!! 

Bonus…Looking for a cute Halloween costume for your kids? This Wild Things costume would be adorable for Halloween!!


Wild One Desserts

Don’t stop at just a cake.  Where the Wild Things Are desserts are where it’s at!  From do it yourself Wild Things cupcakes to specialty ordered Wild Things cake pops, these desserts are sure to wow your guests and delight your taste buds!!! 

Ready to get that sweet tooth craving for more?

Where the Wild Things Are Cupcakes on PopSugar

I love everything about this sweet display of cupcakes.  When I make cupcakes, I tend to make them all the same size and frost them the same.  This collection of Where the Wild Things Are cupcakes in different sizes and flavors and designs is just…perfect.  It’s so perfectly sweet and arranged on the wood tray.


Wild One Oreo Pops from Cottontail Cake Studio

If these Wild Things Oreo pops don’t make you go “Oh my goodness” then I quit.  The details are amazing.  Making Oreo pops is fairly easy using this simple mold.  Now, getting theme to look this spectacular…there unfortunately is not a mold for that!! 

One thing I like about Oreo pops, they are another dessert on a stick option that is not cake pops.  I love, love  cake pops…but having some Where the Wild Things Are Oreo pops, too!  Heck, yes!!


Where the Wild Things Are Cake Pops on Five Whimsy Lane

Of course…these Wild Things cake pops are also freaking awesome.  Cake pops are hands down my favorite dessert to actually eat.  The combination of cake and frosting…it’s my kryptonite for sure.  I love the design of these Where the Wild Things Are Cake Pops. 

Something simple to use when making these intricate designs is definitely edible markers. They are the perfect way to make cute little faces on cake pops.


DIY Where the Wild Things Are Cupcakes from Cassie Scroggins

Looking for a cute Wild One cupcake idea that is unique and easy to make yourself?  These Wild One cupcakes are so adorably cute and easy to make.  Your little wild one and his party guests with love sinking their terrible teeth into these chocolate cupcakes!


DIY Wild Things Crown Cookies from Sugar Hero

Sugar cookies are so much fun for a party  This tutorial is easy to follow and the crowns are are perfectly imperfect…just like the illustrations in the Where the Wild Things Are story. 

I love when desserts and designs are meant to be a little “messy” and these Wild One cookies are just that!


Where the Wild Things Are Cupcakes on Catch My Party

Here is another adorable DIY Wild Things cupcake idea.  These simple chocolate cupcakes are topped with candy eyes and fondant horns.  So unbelievably simple and so perfect for a Wild One birthday party. 

Let’s gnash our terrible teeth into these too!!


Wild One Fondant Cupcake Toppers from Sugared Up Toppers

Another awesome wild one birthday party cupcake option is definitely these super adorable Wild Things fondant cupcake toppers.  Fondant cupcake toppers can be used on cupcakes or places on lightly frosted sugar cookies. 

I love that these Wild Things cupcake toppers show all the Where the Wild Things Are characters and add a pop of color to the party.  Awesome sauce!!!


Wild One Birthday Party Decorations

No Wild One birthday party would be complete without some wild and wonderful decorations.  Here are some easy to replicate and sure to impress Where the Wild Things Are decorations ideas.

Wild One Letters from Tuesdays with Jacob

Whether you choose to highlight your Wild One’s age or name, these letters are adorable!  Taking simple wooden letters and covering with white felt, moss and adding a paper glitter crown (and of course some fur), is such a simple and adorable decoration for your Wild Things dessert table or Wild Things smash cake photos.


Wild Things Paper Cone Backdrop on PopSugar

Looking for a simple and inexpensive backdrop decoration?  How about rolling some paper cones and sticking them in chicken wire?  Genius, right?  I also love that this incorporates some bright orange into the design.  Perfection!


I’ll Eat You Up Sign from Two Peas Shop

This handmade Wild Things sign is a great party decoration or a perfect addition to a Wild One Smash Cake photo shoots.  Adorable!


Paper Lanterns on Kara’s Party Ideas

Want to take your Wild One birthday party to the next level?  Try creating a whole world of Wild Things with hanging paper lanterns and trees.  It’s as simple as hanging green paper lanterns and tan paper lanterns from the ceiling. 

You don’t have to be terribly crafty to pull this amazing look off.  Throw in some over sized leaves…and it’s a Where the Wild Things Are Forest!


Wild One Balloon Backdrop from Five Whimsy Lane

Another adorable backdrop option is balloons.  For this Wild One birthday party, a mixture of gold, white and black balloons paired with some leaves.  To create the different sizes of balloons, simply put less or more air into the balloons.  Super easy right!!!


Where the Wild Things Are Page Letters on A Pocket of Time

Another adorable idea for name or age letters is to cover kraft letters with pages from the actual story book.  Choose your favorite scenes and craft away using modge podge!


DIY I’ll Eat You Up Sign from Weekend Craft

Here is a fantastic DIY Wild Things sign.  I love the rustic feel of this one and how easy the tutorial is to follow.  Check it out!!!


Wild One First Birthday Ideas

If you are throwing a Wild One birthday party, chances are good it’s for your little one’s first birthday.  Here are some Where the Wild Things Are first birthday ideas just for you!!!

Smash Cake from Life with Kymberly Janelle

Style a Wild One first birthday smash cake photo shoot. Isn’t this little outfit just the cutest.  Honestly, though…if you have a great party outfit, set aside sometime with your photographer or your camera and snap some smash cake photos!  You will love them!!


Wild One High Chair Banner from Ampers and Go

Smash cake party time just wouldn’t be the same without an adorable Where the Wild Things Are High Chair banner.  I love the ripped fabric and burlap on this beauty!!


One Year Photo Board from Bellevie Blog

Did you take pictures of your little Wild One all year long?  Choose your favorite from each month and create a “One Wild Year banner or board to display at his Wild One birthday party!  Winning!

If you like these ideas, check out this Wild Things Baby Shower.  Also, check out our boho party ideas and woodlands party ideas.

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Wild One Birthday Party: Where the Wild Things Are Cake, Decor and More!!  Wild Things is one of the hottest trends in birthday parties.  Check out these amazing wild things ideas and wild one birthday party inspiration to share today.

Here are some helpful links for throwing a Wild One birthday party:


Want to throw a Wild One Birthday Party?

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Conclusion for Wild One Birthday Party Ideas:

If you are looking to throw an amazing Wild one Birthday Party, these party cakes, party decorations and party outfits are exactly what you need.  Dress your little one up like Max or one of the Wild Things and create an adorable smash cake and photo wall for a Wild and One party you will never forget. 

You’ll eat these ideas up, you will love them so!