Stork Baby Shower: Special Delivery de le Bébé. Today I’m sharing a fun French Stork Baby Shower.  Be sure to check out all our Baby Shower Ideas and Inspiration.Stork Pic

What’s your baby’s first party? It’s not their ever important first birthday!!  Oh, no…It’s the baby shower!!  When you are having that first little bundle of joy…before the labor and the midnight feedings, when your world is still all about you and your husband will still rub your aching feet.  You get to have a party thrown all for you (and the baby, of course!)…its win/win.

There are soooo many absolutely adorable Baby Shower themes to choose from too…it’s kinda like choosing a first birthday theme (’cause let’s face it…they 1 year old really doesn’t have much say) except you can be fancy and not have to worry about small hands pulling on your table cloth!!

Today I’m sharing a sweet and elegant French Stork Baby Shower.  Check it out…

Mmmmm…yummy truffles.  Don’t they look delish?

Stork Baby Shower: Special Delivery de le Bebe-Mimi's Dollhouse

Custom menu cards are great for parties at sit down venues.  Especially when the menu is limited from what is typically available to patrons.  This allows your guests to still have a choice without putting too much strain on the kitchen (and cuts down on the cost too, which is always a plus.)IMG_0660_2_2305de58-31b2-44d6-bc81-1eace8f16169

Stork Baby Shower: Special Delivery de le Bebe-Mimi's DollhouseStork Baby Shower: Special Delivery de le Bebe-Mimi's Dollhouse


What baby shower would be complete without some Advice for the new Mommy cards? There are some awesome pieces of mommy advice floating around in all your heads…share them with the new mommy-to-be!! One of the coolest things I had at my baby shower was funny tidbits on diapers.  I read through them all as I changed her those first couple months…Awesome for a good laugh and some much needed advice!!




Don’t those macarons look yummy too.  What a lovely party! Thanks to Carolyn for sharing her party with us!!

Stork Baby Shower: Special Delivery de le Bebe-Mimi's Dollhouse

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Wanna throw a Stork Baby Shower?

Throwing a baby shower? This French Stork baby shower is full of baby shower ideas, food and more. Treat a posh mom to a sophisticated stork themed baby shower.

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