Princess Party: Easy Candied Apples.  Snow White’s Poison Apples…Snow White’s Poison Candied Apples.  How much more princess can you get?  I’m sharing some Candied Apple tips today and introducing my new Storybook Princess Collection. Yay!

Candied Apples are super fun and always a big hit at a party.  First off, they look fabulous.  Secondly, they are yummy.  The best part, though…is how easy peasy they are to make.

Here is the candied apples recipe I used for these adorable candied apples from my daughter’s 4th Birthday Storybook Princess Party.


Candied Apples are perfect for a Princess Party.  They are just the right touch to add a little pizzazz to your Poisoned Apples. I mean come on, they are soooo much prettier than normal apples and if you are going to try to trick a princess into eating on, its gotta be super red and delicious looking, right?

One of the things I love about candied apples is the fun and creative ways they can be displayed.  Why go with a boring old stick when you can jazz it up with an authentic looking twig or a fun color coordinating paper straw?

The paper straws are super cute, but unfortunately, they do not supply very much support.  I found this easy trick for adding support to the straws without messing up the look of the straws.

Stick the straw into the apple, then take a lollipop stick and put a little hot glue on one end.  Stick the lollipop stick inside the straw and press it all the way down into the straw.


Once the glue dries, you can cut the stick/straw combo to the desired height.  Easy Peasy!


I am also super excited to introduce my new Storybook Princess Collection.  This design was inspired by my daughter’s love for all things princess and is available in the shop:)