Lately my girls have been on a Tinkerbell kick.  I think we have watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure a million times.  In the movie, there is this scene where the boy fairy is talking to an owl getting some advice…he blabs on and on and the owl says “Whoo” and the fairy rambles on some more and the owl says “Whoo”…this is repeated a few times and the fairy boy exclaims “You really are the wisest of all the creatures” (or something like that…I’m too lazy right now to actually look up the dialogue)…anyway…this scene got me thinking about owls and how owls are seen as wise.  I think it’s the eyes.  The big wide eyes just seem to see EVERYTHING.

Owl parties are an awesome fall party trend.  They are perfect for both birthday parties and baby showers….  There are so many possible variations and color schemes and possibilities with owls.  I have put together a little pinterest board of Owl Crafts and Owl party ideas to coordinate with my Owl party printables.I really love the oreo owl eyes:)

The Printable Owl Birthday Party Decorations are available in my shop.