Pumpkin Party: Pumpkin Party Ideas and Crafts.  Need ideas for a cute fall birthday party?  How about a Pumpkin Party?  Celebrate your little pumpkin in style!

I love the ideaof throwing a Little Pumpkin party for a fall birthday. There are sooo many cute ways to use a pumpkin, and still steer clear of Halloween and Jack-o-lanterns.  Besides, isn’t pumpkin basically the best flavor EVER?  I know I wait ALL YEAR LONG for the pumpkin spice latte/pumpkin bread/pumpkin muffin time of year….why not put them all into a sweet little pumpkin party?  pin pic

I have some fun pumpkin party ideas to share today…

Pumpkin Straw Embellishments by That Cute Little Cake

I basically love this idea!  What better way to embellish your straw that with a cute 3-d pumpkin?  (Bonus:  if you are using the little pumpkin printable package, you can use the patterned paper to make everything matchy-matchy!!)  Seriously CUTE!!765db82c7c7f8c1ef1cb66462f8b7123


Royal Icing Pumpkins by Sugarbelle

These are not only super cute, but super yummy!  Isn’t the icing the best part anyway?  Making these little pumpkins is easy enough, I think I can even pull it off…and I mess up sweet things all the time!Royal-Icing-Pumpkins


Chunky Pumpkin by A Diamond in the Stuff

This cute decoration would be a great addition to your party or even just your living room.  I love the worn, rustic appeal, don’t you?IMG_2199


Pumpkin Cookies by Say It With Heart

What pumpkin party would be complete without some yummy pumpkin cookies.  This are sure to be a hit!  I especially love the polka dots!!il_570xN.496869042_gkh8


There are just so many amazing and adorable ideas of things you can do with pumpkins!!  I have also compiled a pinterest board of cute little pumpkin party ideas!  Check it out!!

Wanna throw a Pumpkin Party?

The Printable Little Pumpkin Collection is available for purchase in my shop:pumpkin display file