How to make Loud House cookies to eat while you watch

Wanna party with The Loud House?  This easy Lincoln Loud cookie tutorial is ready to pair with the release of The Loud House: Road Tripped, Season 3, Vol.1 on DVD!* Check out the simple cookies and this super cute show with your kids today!

We recently discovered The Loud House in my home.  Needless to say, my kiddos are hoked on this cute and funny show.  It’s all about a family with 11 kids (and only one’s a boy) and their quirky adventures.

Each kiddo has their own unique personality and it’s a blast to watch them working it all out and still loving on one another.

To go along with the release of The Loud House: Road Tripped, Season 3, Vol.1 on DVD, I whipped up some cute Lincoln Loud sugar cookies wot enjoy while we watched the show.  I’m sharing the tutorial so you can make these cute little cookies too!


Loud House: Road Tripped- Season 3, Vol. 1 Review

Lincoln Loud and his family are on the move in The Loud House: Road Tripped – Season 3, Volume 1!

So having a house full of girls and one boy (though not QUITE as many girls as The Loud House), makes this fun show a favorite with my kiddos.  My son and his big sisters throughly enjoyed watching this season together. 

We especially like that the siblings care for one another, and although they are very different, try to get along and help each other out.  It’s definitely a fun kid-friendly show!

Here are all the details:

These 13 hilarious episodes of Nickelodeon’s EmmyAward-winning animated series The Loud House sees the Loud family take a trip on a family vacation, visit Ronnie Anne and Bobby in Great Lakes City, battle over fridge territory, and more! 

Life’s a trip when the Louds depart on a family vacation! But while road tripping to their destination, everything that can go wrong for the family — does. A family fridge territory war breaks out, Lori and Lincoln go to the big city to visit Ronnie Anne and Bobby, and Mom and Dad build a secret bathroom!

Join in on all the laughs with the Loud family!

The Loud House: Road Tripped – Season 3, Volume 1 will be available on DVD on May 18, 2021.
The Loud House: Road Tripped – Season 3, Volume 1 episodes:
Disc One:

  • Tripped!
  • White Hare / Insta-Gran
  • Roadie to Nowhere / A Fridge Too Far
  • Selfie Improvement / No Place Like Homeschool
  • City Slickers / Fool Me Twice
  • Net Gains / Pipe Dreams
  • Fandom Pains / Rita Her Rights

Disc Two:

  • Teachers’ Union / Head Poet’s Anxiety
  • The Mad Scientist / Missed Connection
  • Deal Me Out / Friendzy
  • Pasture Bedtime / Shop Girl
  • Gown and Out / Breaking Dad
  • Ruthless People / What Wood Lincoln Do?

Lincoln Loud Cookie Tutorial: STEP by STEP

Alright…let’s break down these simple, DIY cookies! 


Step 1:

First…the sugar cookies.  Honestly, you can use any recipe.  However, I highly recommend my basic cut out sugar recipe.  It is great for keeping it’s shape and tastes delicious.  Start with prepping the dough.

You will want to use a liberal amount of flour on the surface you are cutting and even a little extra in the dough itself.  

Roll out dough until it about ¼ inch thick. Using one of the smaller circle cookie cutters, cut the cookies and place on parchment covered cookie sheets.  Bake according to the recipe.  

Allow cookies to completely cool prior to decorating.  I like to bake the cookies the day before so they are nice a cool for decorating.

Step 2:

Start with the white fondant.  Roll it out to 1/8 inch thick. For each cookies you will need the following shapes:

  • 2 medium sized ovals (eyes)
  • 2 Medium heart (right side of hair and teeth)
  • 1 small heart (left side of hair)
  • 1 Cookie sized circle (hair)

Punch out the pieces above.  Set the ovals and small heart aside to start hardening.  

With the two medium hearts, one need to be slightly stretched by pulling the pointy tip out and then folded so that the tip is sticking out behind the cured top of the heart.  This will look a little like a cowboy hat.  This will be the right side of the hair and can be set aside to start hardening.

The second medium heart will be the teeth.  Using a circle cutter, cut the pointy tip of the heart off as close to the top where the curves meet as possible without making them into separate pieces.  Set these aside to dry as well.

The cookie sized hair piece is next.  Using a knife, cut a checkmark shape on the top of the right side of the circle and then follow that check into a curve that connects to the other side of the circle. 

You will only be using the top section you cut so the rest can be reincorporated into the fondant for additional use.  The hair piece should look like the picture below. Set aside to harden.

Step 3:

Next the peach fondant. Roll it out to 1/8 inch thick. For each cookies you will need the following shapes:

  • 1 large circle the same size as the cookie (Face)
  • 2 small ovals (ears)
  • 1 small circle (nose)

These pieces can just be punched and set aside to harden.  You don’t need to do any fancy wiggling or cutting to these!


Step 4:

Once the fondant is dry, it’s time to start assembling the face.  To get the fondant to hold together, you can either use small drops of icing or water.  Small drop of water are usually sufficient for holding fondant together once dry, but icing is sometimes more secure and faster. 

First we will attach the white hair pieces to the top of the peach head piece.  Then under the hair (on the backside of the peach circle), place the white folded heart so that is sticks out like a cowlick. On the left side of the hair, place the little heart pointy side touching the hair.  

Under the hair, attach the oval eyes and the nose on the bottom of the oval eyes.  

Under the sides of the face circle, place the ear ovals.  

Attach the white teeth under the nose.  

Using the edible marker, draw two curved hair lines on the hair, a “lightening bolt” shape on the ears, two dots for pupils, three freckle dots per cheek and a curve for the mouth.

Finally, using a thin layer of frosting, you can attach the fondant face to your cookie.

Ready. To. Eat.


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Conclusion for The Loud House Cookies + Review:

If you are looking for a fun and simple treat to enjoy with your kids for a Loud House party or just to watch the Loud House cartoon, these simple and cute cookies will be just want you are looking for!  Bake with your kids and watch this fun kid-friendly show!

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