Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, its time to start thinking SPRING.  I love spring….the colors and weather beginning to warm. One fun thing about Spring are all the Spring Holidays.  Soemtimes I feel like they come rapid fire though… Boom, Boom, Boom….St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, MY BIRTHDAY, Mother’s Day.  (You like how I threw my birthday in the mix).  With so many close excuses to party, its enough to take a toll on any girl’s sanity and most of all pocket book.
So of course, I have designed some fun FREE St. Patrick’s Day Printables.  Now you have no excuse to skip a party, right??

lucky me display fileDownload the FREE St. Patrick’s Day Printables

These printables are easy and bright colors and fun patterns. They are the perfect fit whether you are having a kid-friendly party (like ME) or having a “Grown-up” get-together.  The design is clean and simple.

Truth be told…I kept the design simple on purpose.  I wanted to steer clear of leprechauns.  You know how some people freak out over clowns…yeah, that’s me with leprechauns.  Truly, I do not get them at all.   When I was younger, I used to have this reoccurring dream about leprechauns that chased me around the house in the middle of the night.  Creepy, right.  So….no little smiling leprechauny faces for pots of gold, lest we tempt them either.  Just some good old fashioned shamrocks. The SUPER lucky kind.