Are you excited for football season? We are in our house.  Although football season typically means we argue over teams.  My husband is from Washington State originally, so he himself is a U of W fan.  Occasionally he watched the Seahawks, but is really not a fan… Typically he cares more about what Peyton Manning is doing than any particular team.  I, on the other hand, am a Oklahoma Sooners fan all the way!!  College football to me has always been much more fascinating than Pro, but I still love me some Steelers too.  Ask my 3 year old…she’ll tell you.  “We LOVE Troy!”

So with two parents with dramatically different teams, where would our girls end up?  See for yourself…So perhaps the fact that I buy most of their clothes plays a part:)

Anyway, today I am sharing a pinterest board of Football Party Ideas for all you football fans out there…don’t worry, they are not ALL Sooners and Steelers ideas!!  Check out the Pigskin Party Ideas board and let me know what you think!I also have two Printable party packages for sale in my shop:

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