I absolutely adore the whole Mustache party idea.  Its so fun and all boy and adorable for cute little boys who cannot grow mustaches themselves. I am not, however, a fan of actual hairy mustaches on actual men who can grow them.  They kinda give me the creeps, to be totally honest.   It doesn’t help that I have seen my fair share of creepy old men with food stuck in their ‘staches.  Ummm…not for me.

That being said….PAPER mustaches, cute little handlebar mustaches, or little felt mustaches attached to little boys’ faces…LOVE them. Completely, love them.  I also love all the clever phrases you can come up with using the word “mustache”

“I mustache you a question”

“I mustache this away for later”

I’m a dork…I know.

Mustaches have gotten super hip lately… all the cool people are wearing them. (I am also aware that no one under 30 uses the term “cool” anymore, but I’m not cool so I don’t care.) You see mustaches on celebrities and musicians and even that elusive looking boy who makes my coffee…it is clear mustaches are the way to go…

To coordinate with the super adorable Mustache Party I shared a few days ago, I have compiled some Mustache Party Ideas.  Check them out!!!