So call it my last ditch effort to hold onto a little bit of summer…or maybe it really is all about fall and I’m living in denial:)

Introducing the newest Mimi’s Dollhouse party line, Radio Flyer.  This party is perfect for the nostalgic child in us all…it combines the classic red wagon feel with the fun firefighter-esque Dalmatian print.   I paired the red and black and white with some burlap and wooden crates for an outdoorsy, old fashioned feel…  I also found these amazing mini wagons (Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon) to use as display.  They were a huge hit!!!

The red wagon and Dalmatian cookies were made by Crafted Cookies.  The adorable little red wagon shirt Aubrey is wearing was made by Elizabeth Horton.

These dalmatian themed mason jar treats are super easy to make!!!  Simply take white cake and chocolate pudding and smush into the jar in botchy patterns.  You don’t even have to make it yourself, most grocery store bakeries have white cake and pudding cups are cheap and easy!!!  They are a great alternative to the traditional cupcake or cake for a little party and fun to eat.


The treat bag tags look like the Radio Flyer wheel and say “Thanks for rolling by”…


Yummy candies apples and red candies and lollipops displayed on mini hay bails (from Michaels) complete the look.  Simple, easy, and fun little end of summer party…printables are available in my shop.

Vendor Credits:

Red Wagon Shirt-Elizabeth Horton

Cookies-Crafted Cookies

Printables, Design and Party Styling- Mimi’s Dollhouse