Kitchen Party: Easy Push Pops Tutorial.  Today I’m sharing some tricks for making yummy push pops for your next party.  Be sure to check out our other party food tutorials and the cute Kitchen Party these cake pops were apart of.Pushpops Pic

My new party philosophy….Let them Eat Cake!  Cake is basically awesome.  The flavor doesn’t really even matter that much to me.  I LOVE it all.  Cupcakes, Slices of Cake, Mini Bundt Cakes, Cake pops…

Yeah, its all awesome.  I consider myself a expert in eating cake!  Baking it, however, is a completely different story.  This is why I love super easy cake options like push pops.  Push pops are cake made easy and oh so cute!!

Here’s how to do it…


IMG_9359To make the push pops…first bake a cake (either with an easy box mix or your favorite recipe) using this super awesome and convient Whoopie Pie Pan.  This pan is perfect.  The little cake pieces will fit perfectly in the pushpop container and make your life easier and your push pops look much cleaner.  Winning!
IMG_9358 Next using the frosting bag and the tip of your choice, fill the push pop containers with cake and frosting in an alternating pattern.  For this particular party, I used lime green and teal frosting in the individual pops, but these can be done in all sorts of colors and patterns. The possibilities are endless!!IMG_9350IMG_9353 Easy peasy!!  Other ideas for pushpops include using ice cream, whip cream, graham crackers and marshmallows for s’more pushpops…and many more.  Let your imaginations run wild!!cakepops

Here are some helpful links for making yummy push pops:


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