Ok…so if you were to drive down my street right now, you know what you would see?

Several elaborately Halloween decorated homes with lights and fake cob webs and creepy figurines…and one very plain, very non-festive, very undecorated house. Yep…that would be mine.

I dropped the ball this year, big time when it comes to decorating. So now a week before Halloween…I am FINALLY getting around to decorating my house.  I may not go all out this year (I mean who really WANTS to clean up piles of fake spiderwebs???), but I can at least make my house look somewhat inviting for the trick-or-treaters! (Although I do worry that it is a little mean to decorate my house since we won’t be home passing out candy on Halloween. Kind of a tease…maybe I will put a little sign in my yard that lets people know we aren’t home??)

One of the best decoration ideas for easy and inexpensive decorating, is the Wreath.  There are TONS of great wreaths coupled with easy to follow tutorials as well as so much room for creativity.  Whether you go the traditional route with orange and black or outside the norm with greens and purples and pinks…a wreath is a great easy way to say…Happy Halloween!!I complied a pinterest board of some of the best Halloween wreath ideas I found on the web….feel free to check it out and let your creative side take over.  I’ll be sure to share what I come with as well…