We are taking a little break from the real world to lose ourselves in the wonderful, magical fantasy of Disneyland today. My girls LOVE all things Disney, but especially the PRINCESSES.  It’s really more of an obsession.  Actually, truth be told, they think they ARE Disney Princesses.  I have definitely fed the Princess obsession.  We buy lots and lots of Princess stuff.  Whenever a trip to see their princesses is on the horizon, it is ALL Aubrey can talk about.  Emmy is following in her big sister’s footsteps as well.  She doesn’t say many words clearly yet, but one of her best, most used, and most insistent words is “Ella” (short for Cinderella and also what her sister first called the princesses) which in Emmy’s world means whatever Disney Princess she wants or sees.  Recently, she added an occasional “Ariel” and “Belle” and “Rora”(Aurora, and usually sounds more like a question).Over the last couple years, the girls have owned a few different princess dresses that I have had handmade for them.  (I did make Aubrey a Snow White Costume for Halloween two years ago, but I think these are MUCH MUCH better). Here are some highlights from some of our recent Disneyland Princess experiences:  Hope you enjoy…Emmy as Rapunzel. Flower Headband from My Little Pixies.Aubrey as Rapunzel.  Rapunzel Dress from Lover Dovers Clothing.Aubrey as Cinderella with Ariel. Cinderella Dress by Suzie Sewsalot.Aubrey as Belle with Belle. Belle Dress from Suzie Sewsalot.Aubrey dancing with Rapunzel…her favorite Princess, at least this week.  I am sure we will have many more pictures to share:)