Throw a Dinosaur Party Girl Style

Let’s style a dinosaur party for girls!  If you have a sweet little princess who loves dinosaurs, dress up your favorite giant lizards with all the pink, tulle, gold and fun girl power style to make her birthday a blast!


If you love dinosaurs, but also love glitter and pastels…this party theme is the one for you.  Dinosaurs can be for girls too and we prove it with these amazing girl dinosaur party ideas!



☑️ These Dinosaur Party Decorations are the perfect way to get your party planning headed in the right direction!


Styling an amazing pink dinosaur party is all about the details.  From decorations to awesome options for food…we have the dinosaur party ideas your girl will love!  Check it out…


Dinosaur Party Decorations for Girls

Let’s kick off the girly dinosaur fun with some gorgeous decoration ideas that are perfect for a girl who loves dinosaurs.


Tropical Dinosaur Party from Brittany Wood Photo

This colorful dinosaur theme is great for a festive girl party with a Paleolithic flair! Don’t you just love those paper leaves?


Pastel Dinosaur Party via Catch My Party

Here is a gorgeous pastel dinosaur party that is sure to be a hit with even the most particular girly girl!  Those flowers are perfect!


Gold Dinosaur Backdrop from Fun365

Gold and pastel dinosaur for the win.  What girl wouldn’t want to have this party?


Pastel Dinosaur Balloon Garland via Kara’s Party Ideas

Here is an amazing balloon garland.  We love balloons for party backdrops!


Dinosaur Balloon Garland from Girly Gifts

Of course, you can also do a fabulous balloon garland with a tropical flair!  Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous display?

So pretty, right?

Girly + Pink Dinosaur Party Supplies

There are tons of fun, inexpensive and easy to recreate ideas to turn an ordinary party into a girly dinosaur romp!  Check out these awesome supply options.


Dinosaurs with Party Hats from Girl Loves Glam

Dress up your dinos with some cute little party hats.  Paint some dinosaur toys pink (or to match you party colors) and get them party ready!


Dinosaur Party Balloons from Print a Party

Printables meet balloons with these adorable dinosaur balloons.  This decoration is a no brainer…it’s just too cute and simple to not try it out!


Gold Dinosaurs from Painted Parade

Gold painted dinosaurs with cute little party dresses?  Umm…yes please.  This whole spread is just to die for!


Dinosaur Balloons from Sisters Mommies

Here is another DIY Dinosaur balloon idea.  How much fun?


Dinosaur with Tutu from Painted Parade

Your T-Rex definitely needs a tutu.  This idea is simply perfect!  The lipstick is my favorite part!


Dinosaur Signs from Busy Bees Happenings

If you need to organize your food tables…these printable signs are just the ticket!  Fun girly colors and clever dinosaur themed names.


Dinosaur Invitations from The Tuesday Studio

Choose from a plethora of dinosaur themed invitations.  You will love these customizable options available on Etsy!


Pink Dinosaur Party Tableware

Picking the perfect tableware set is a great way to start your party planning off on the right “Claw”.  Here are some pretty and pink options for a girly dinosaur party!


Dinosaur Table from Fun365

Absolutely stunning!  I love this gold and pastel theme.  It’s so classy for a girl’s party.


Dinosaur Tableware from Meri Meri

This is such a great set that is so perfect for a dinosaur party your little girl will love!


Dinosaur Tableware from Oriental Trading

This set is adorable for a little girl who loves dinosaurs.

Pink Dinosaur Tableware from Amazon




Dress up + Dinosaur Party Favors for Girls

When it comes to planning all the adorable food and decor, you need to always remember those fun party favors.  Here are some fun and clever ideas…


Dinosaur Cookie Decorating Kit from Petite Sun Bakery

If you want a fun activity, a treat and a favor all rolled into one, how about this awesome cookie decorating kit?  Let kid’d make and enjoy their own decorated cookies!  So adorable!


Dinosaur Wands from Ella Jane Crafts

Abra-cadino…these dinosaur wands bring girly and dinosaur to the perfect apex.  Send each little dino loving girl home with her own dinosaur wand!


Dinosaur Hoodie from Wolfe and Scamp

Easy to sew and super adorable…how about some dino-hoodies for your little party guests?


Dinosaur Favor Jars from Paper Kite Designs

If you have some small dinosaur toys and some mason jars…you can turn any treat into a custom favor with this idea.


Dinosaur Tails from Party Lovin

This idea for dressing up your guests is perfection.  Strap on an adorable dinosaur tail and get all dolled up for a party.  Then after, send them home to play dinosaur as these double as super cute favors.


Dinosaur Paper Hat from Tomkat Studio

Simple and easy party hats made form paper and always an easy and fun way to dress up your party guests to match your theme.  These can be made in ANY color scheme!  Winning!

Loving all these favor and dress up as a dinosaur ideas!

Girl Dinosaur Party Cakes and Desserts

Now that we have talked decorations, tableware and favors…it’s time for everyone’s favorite topic…DESSERT!  These dinosaur themed party treats are a great way to feed and delight your guests with some roaring good fun!


Pink Dinosaur Cookies from Fairytale Cookie Co

These custom cookies are BEAUTIFUL.  The little dinosaurs are so, so cute!


Dinosaur Cookies from Mizz Desserts

Even fossils can be girly.  These gold fossil cookies are unbelievably adorable!  The green leaves are the perfect addition.


Girly Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers via Kara’s Party Ideas

Fun and playful fondant cupcake toppers are a great party treat.  These sweet little dinos would top cupcakes or cookies and set those treats apart from the rest!


Pink Dinosaur Cake from Tomkat Studio

How adorable is this cute dinosaur cake.  If you are going to bake…bake a brontosaurus!


Pastel Dinosaur Cake via Kara’s Party Ideas

Here is another adorable fondant covered dinosaur cake.  This long neck is a great centerpiece to any dinosaur party!


Dinosaur Cookies from Katherine’s Cookies

These might be the cutest dinosaur cookies ever.  Don’t you just love them?


Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers from Painted Parade

Fun and festive cupcake toppers for a colorful party theme.  Easy and adorable!


Dinosaur Cookies from Basic White Batch

One-Rex, Two-Rex, Three-Rex, Four…don’t you just love these sweet little cookies?  So adorable!

Dinosaur Cake Topper from Amazon

Easy, simple and glittery…what’s better than that?



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Conclusion for Dinosaur Party Ideas for Girls:

If you love dinosaurs, but still want a fun a girly party theme..these dinosaur party ideas for girls are definitely going to turn your party into a RAWR-ing success. From cookies to backdrops…we have the glitter, pink and fashion for you!


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