How to make simple and adorable Minnie Mouse Cupcakes!

Minnie Mouse Party: Super Easy Minnie Mouse Cupcakes.  Looking for a crazy simple, yet completely adorable dessert option for your Minnie Mouse party?  These super easy Minnie Mouse cupcakes are the perfect option for any level of baking ability!!!

Who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse?  We are huge Disney fans in my home.  My girls have dressed like Minnie Mouse so many times…I honestly can’t even remember where all the pictures are!!! 

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When my 8 year old asked to make some Minnie Mouse cupcakes, I was definitely all for it.  She really wanted to make them herself, so I chose a really simple idea for Minnie Mouse cupcakes.  This tutorial is easy peasy…these are definitely something of any baking/crafting level can handle.

Firstly…the cupcake.  I used my easy chocolate cupcake recipe.

Pro party secret…you do NOT have to bake them yourself.  Store bought cupcakes can be dressed up to look FABULOUS with a few tricks and save a TON of time and often are even as inexpensive as baking them yourself.  

You can go to a specialty bakery or even just swing by your local grocery store and let them know you just want a dozen (or two or whatever) chocolate cupcakes with plain chocolate frosting.  You should be able to pick those up within a couple days and save yourself a ton of work…unless you really like baking cupcakes (like me!!!).

Once you have those cupcakes bought or baked…here is how you can turn them into simple Minnie Mouse cupcakes:

Super Easy Minnie Mouse Cupcakes


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Step 1:

If you start with Store bought cupcakes…skip to step 2.  If you are baking your own cupcakes…start here!  Bake cupcakes as you normally would.  Use cupcake liners to bake, but NOT the liners you want to use for display…they will get all soggy. 

Allow the cupcakes to cool completely before frosting.  Frost the cupcakes with chilled frosting using a piping bag and tip.  Any tip design will work for this cupcake.  Chill the cupcakes after frosting.

Step 2:

Roll out the red fondant until it is about 1/4 inch think.  Using the medium heart cutter, cut 2 hearts per cupcake.  Using the smallest oval cutter, cut 1 oval per cupcake. 

Place the two hearts tip together on a counter or cutting board to dry out.  Use a single drop of water as glue to attached the oval to the top of the heart tips.  This will make a bow. 

Allow the fondant to dry out until hardened.  I like to come back about 5-10 mins into the drying and run a knife under the fondant just to make sure it isn’t sticking to the counter or board.

Step 3:

Once the fondant is hardened. Place two Oreo  “ears” into the cupcake frosting.  Place the fondant bow in front of the ears in the frosting.  Place the cupcake into a decorative liner.

I recommend yellow or red for classic Minnie Mouse cupcakes and Pink for Modern Minnie Mouse cupcakes.

Super Easy and ready to enjoy!!!

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If you love this easy Minnie Mouse cupcakes tutorial…please save this image to your Minnie Mouse or baking Pinterest boards!!