Gender Reveal Party: 4 Gender Reveal Parties you’ll LOVE.  Today I’m sharing four gender reveal parties you are sure to love.  Be sure to check out all of our baby shower ideas and inspiration.
Gender Reveal Pic

So spring is coming and that means its baby shower season:)  I recently shared some Popular Baby Shower themes for girls and some Popular Baby Shower themes for boys.  Another awesome trend for babies are the gender reveal parties.  I think these are SUPER fun, especially if the momma-to-be already has kids and doesn’t necessarily need a traditional baby shower.

Today, I am sharing four fun and unique gender reveal parties I’m sure you will love…

1. Tricycle Inspired Party by Miss Party Mom

First up is this adorable tricycle inspired party.  I love the soft yellow and teal and gray.  This is a nice departure from the traditional blue and pink:)  I love the silhouettes mixed in as well…Beautiful.


2. Clock Themed Party by Lulu’s

What a clever theme. It has an almost Through the looking glass feel to it.  It’s very rustic and charming.


3. Pink and Blue Ombre Party by Marigold Events

This party uses the more traditional blue and pink, and is adorable.  I love all the little bows and the different shades of each color.  Very beautiful.


4. Tutu or Ties Party from Laura’s Little Party

Tutus or Ties is definitely a fun theme for a Gender Reveal party.  There is a ton you can do with this theme. This cake is fantastic as well.  So much fun and so cute!


So whether you are going the traditional route or doing something a little different, there are so many ways to celebrate your little boy or girl!  Even if you are impatient and can’t wait for the party, you can always surprise your family and friends at the party too!

I’ve also compiled a Pinterest board of Gender Reveal Ideas.  Check it out!!  Be sure to check out all of our baby shower parties and ideas.