The best baby shampoo for a healthy clean baby!

Loving baby bath time with Burt’s Bees.  Our favorite time of day is bath time.  My little man loves to soak up his tub time.  It’s giggles and splashes and sweet, sweet smells. It helps to have the best baby shampoo too!

There are lots of things that contribute to my baby loving his bath time and this mommy’s peace of mind! I’m going to share my 5 tips to loving baby bath time.

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Bath time can be a wonderful bonding experience for both mommy and baby.  In the beginning, when you first bring home your sweet little bundle of cuteness, it can be crazy stressful. 

Not knowing how to hold the baby, what to wash, how often to wash, oy!  Especially if you a sleep deprived new momma!  Trust me, we’ve all been there. 

One thing I’ve learned having three babies is that having a plan and establishing a routine is key to your piece of mind as a mom and your sweet little one’s enjoyment of bath time.

Here are my tips to loving baby bath:

1:  Don’t panic. 

This is especially true for first time moms.  Bathing your baby seems way scarier than it is.  You have got this, girl!  You have got this!  Repeat it to yourself.  I. HAVE. GOT. THIS.


2: Get the right bathtub. 

You can wash your baby in your regular tub. This is completely fine and they make these cool bath sponges to help.  Just fill the tub with about 2 inches of water, lay the sponge in the water and the baby on the sponge. 

You can also bathe your baby in the sink.  They have these cool bath sponges for sinks too!  Personally, I prefer a stand alone baby bath tub

I place my baby bath tub on the counter and then little man and I are eye level with one another the whole time, without me having to get down on my knees at the tub. 

I particularly like this baby bath tub because it has the extra new born piece that starts the baby facing you and up out of the water (especially good for those newborn baths prior to the umbilical cord falling off), moves to the side for a deeper seat and then can be removed when your baby is ready to sit up on their own in the tub.


3: Use the right baby wash/shampoo.

There are tons of baby washes on the market, ranging from inexpensive to pricey and with different ingredients. My favorite baby wash is definitely Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo/Wash

It comes in three scents (Original, Lavender and Scent Free).  All three smell wonderful.  Burt’s Bee Baby is easy of senstitive skin (we deal with eczema in my home so this is important to us). 

It is plant based, natural and softens baby skin as it gently cleanses.   This Shampoo/Wash gives me peace of mind in knowing I’m using the best for my baby and being a relaxed momma during bath time, helps to relax the baby!!

4: Have your tools nearby.

To complete your bath time routine…you need some soft baby towels and wash cloths.  I also recommend a rinse cup for pouring water on baby or filling the tub. 

Have your towel next to the tub so that when you are ready to remove the baby from the tub, you don’t have to move away from the area.  This is safer and allows your baby to keep you in sight at all times, which helps with anxiety and reduces tears!!! 

Also, make sure to lotion up your baby after your bathe them to keep their sweet, soft skin from drying out!!

5: Make bath time fun!

Enjoy your bath time with baby.  Sing songs, teach them to splash…have a fun routine that your baby looks forward to.  This will help both you and your sweet little one to enjoy the bath!! 

Bath time should be a fun, bonding experience…this time goes by fast, enjoy your sweet baby!  

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