Hello! My name is Leanne and I am so happy to be stopping by from …And Away We Go!! to share a quick DIY Mermaid Tail Tutorial sewing project! My great friend, Jen, recently threw an amazing “Under the Sea” party for her daughter’s 3rd birthday. These tails, along with a ton of amazing goodies, were waiting for every little mermaid that attended the party. Adorable right?

The supplies required for these tails can be found at your local fabric/craft store: Sequinned stretch fabric, organza and elastic band.

To get the correct sizing for the tail, wrap the fabric around your little one’s waist, making sure there is enough room for them to walk. The fabric should be long enough to reach their heels. This extra length will ensure that you have enough fabric to fold over for the waistband. Once you have cut the fabric to the appropriate size, fold it in half (right sides together), pin and then sew the edge of the fabric to create one long tube. Then, cut one end of the tube into a point, to create the mermaid tail.
To create the organza ruffle along the tail fin, fold a length of organza (12″ wide) in half length wise. Pin the raw edges of the organza to the tail fin (right sides together), leaving an extra 3″ at the tip of the tail and adding pleats every 3″. Next, sew along the angled tail fin to attach the organza. Once the organza is attached fold or roll the excess at the tail’s tip under and add a few stitches. Attach a separate organza ruffle to each side of the angled tail fin.
Once the front of the tail is complete, pin and then sew a folded length of organza to the back of the tail. For this skirt, I chose to remove the angled fin and cut the skirt straight across the back. However, if you have the time and supplies, the back of the tail would look great finished in the same way as the front.
Now that the bottom of the tail is complete it is time to add a waistband. To do this, turn the skirt inside out and roll the fabric along the waist down approximately 1.5″. Sew along the bottom edge of the fold, leaving an opening of about 2″. Thread an appropriate length of elastic band through the waist of the skirt using a safety pin. Sew the ends of the elastic band together using 3 or 4 rows of stitches to ensure that it will not come loose. Tuck the elastic into the waistband and sew the opening shut.
To add the ruffle to the top of the skirt, simple gather a length of organza and pin, in bunches, 3 or 4 times across the front of the skirt. Add a few stitches to each of the gatherings, allowing the organza to drape between gatherings. You can add a second length of organza to the back of the skirt, in the same fashion.
…and there you have it! An adorable costume for your favourite “Little Mermaid” or a memorable keepsake from a fantastic party!!
Thanks for the super cute Mermaid Tail Tutorial, Leanne:)