So now that school is back in full force in our family and it is officially no longer summer…I wanted to wrap up our family summer with a nice little bow.  Summer is by far, my favorite season of the year…I LOVE summer.  I am a California girl at heart and love the sand and the surf and the smell of the ocean.  I am a Pacific Ocean snob too.  It’s just the best, whether I’m in my happy place (aka Maui) or in the California Coast..I LOVE me some beach time!!!  Unfortunately, Las Vegas is the closest I get to live to my beautiful beaches:(  We do, however, visit them as often as we can.

My daughters are becoming quite the little beach bunnies too.  They, like their mama, are a little hesitant to venture out into the big waves, but LOVE the sand.  They love to dig in and build awesome sand castles.  This summer we made mermaid tails on our legs and tried to dig a hole to China….super fun. 

We also take a lot of trips to Disneyland.  We are a little Disney obsessed in this family…especially with the princesses. This summer though…it seemed Jessie the cowgirl was the main attraction for my little Aubrey.  We spent 3 days trying to catch Jessie so Aubrey could see her.  We kept missing her or being directed to the wrong spot.  I didn’t think we were gonna pull it off…and then, there she was.  The look on her little face when she finally saw her favorite “yodeling cowgirl”…priceless!!! Thanks to Disney Jr., my girls are also pretty excited about all things pirate and fairy!!!And of course…Minnie Mouse…We also took a little trip to the San Diego Zoo…my daughters LOVE the animals.  Going to the zoo was something we used to do a lot when we lived in KY and were surrounded by really nice zoos…we hadn’t been able to go since we moved back, so it was really nice to see them get so excited about the animals again…All in all in was a great summer full of giggles and smiles…now to start getting ready for fall (my second favorite season!!)