I have been dreaming of a White Christmas…kinda ironic if you consider that I will actually be spending Christmas in a place that basically never snows.  I’ve been wanting snow pretty bad lately though.  Every time it rains we run to the window to determine if it is in fact rain or if we are finally getting lucky.  This probably seems silly to most people, but I didn’t grow up with snow so its exciting to me when it actually happens.

Last night we had snow. FINALLY!!!  We have been waiting for snow for weeks.  This was the first snow my 2 year old had ever seen.  She was practically giddy with excitement at the thought of putting on her snow boots and big heavy coat and running around the backyard in the “swow”. She opened up her little mouth and stuck out her tongue to eat the snow.  It was pretty cute.  Apparently, snow tastes like ice cream…I don’t know what bland flavor of ice cream she’s been eating…but I’ll give her imagination the benefit of the doubt.Our snowfall could not have come at a better time, since today I am introducing the LET IT SNOW holiday decorations party and gift tag package to the shop.  I had a lot of fun designing these decorations. Dreaming the whole while about the snow…The Let It Snow collection is a spin on the traditional winter holiday party.  It mixes pretty white snowflakes with grays and purples.  This party is very versatile.  It can be dressed up for a classy chic event or dressed down for a casual get together.This collection also includes several options for gift giving.  From gift tags to wine bottle tags to labels and more.  Its a great way to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Check out the Let it Snow Holiday Decorations in the shop.