Halloween: Look…Minnie Mouse times two!!  Happy Halloween, ya’ll!  Per Lasha family tradition, we went to Disneyland for trick or treating this year. The girls absolutely had a blast!!!

Picking their Halloween costumes this year was super hard for me!  There were soooo many different things they wanted to be and so many amazingly cute ideas.  It was very hard to narrow it down.  Ultimately, though, we decided to go with a classic….a classic mouse, that is.  It was only fitting since we were going to Disneyland anyway, right?

IMG_1354 IMG_1416 IMG_1402 IMG_1400

I found these ADORABLE minnie dresses from Little Wellies.  They were absolutely perfect!  I paired the dresses with some Minnie ears (courtesy of Disneyland, of course) and some red sparkle toms (because they are frankly just fun!)  and instant cutie-patootie little Minnie Mouses! I even put my Aubrey’s hair into Minnie Mouse “ears” buns for those times when she would want to ditch the ears.

IMG_1423 IMG_1419 IMG_1413

We had a great time, came home with TONS of candy and grabbed some awesome pics:)  Yes, I am totally that mom with the big camera following my kids around and taking a million photos….I’m cool with it, though.  I’m making memories here people!

IMG_1447 IMG_1457 IMG_1399

My girls are not shy when it comes to hamming it up for the camera…I especially love this little gem (the one with the angry faces….priceless!)


IMG_1449For “actual” Halloween tonight, we will be attending our church’s Harvest Festival and I’m “hoping” it will be cool enough for them to actually wear the black long sleeved shirt and tights under their dresses…but, hey we do live in Vegas!
IMG_1467I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween…and enjoy eating your kids candy, I know I will:)

Minnie Mouse Dress: Little Wellies