Floral Party: Cutie Pie Flutterby Girly Birthday.  Today I’m sharing a pretty, girly birthday party styled by Sweet Events by Anna Rose.  Be sure to check out all of our girly party ideas and inspiration.

Isn’t this a sweet little First Birthday party?
Cutie Pie Featured picAPC 31_editedAPC 20_editedAPC 4_editedAPC 9_editedAPC 2_editedAPC 6_editedAPC 17_editedAPC 15_editedAPC 16_editedAPC 18_editedAPC 13_editedAPC 12_editedAPC 10_editedAPC 11_editedAPC 7_editedAs told by Anna Rose: “For my daughter’s first birthday, I wanted a very girly garden and butterfly theme, with a southern feel. We always named her cutie pie, so her big brother picked the theme: “Cutie Pie Flutterby”. We thought it was darn cute! I made sure to have lots of white and pink with a few yellow accents. I decided to include actual cutie pies, which are mini apple pies baked right in the jar. I feature a brandy almond flavor “mojaito” (wet) cake, the cutie pies, cheesecakes in baby jars, raspberry truffles, a rose buttercream smash cake, fondant-decorated sugar cookies and strawberry cupcakes. The candy was gum balls, taffy, jelly beans and gumdrops.APC 22_editedAPC 32_editedAPC 29_editedAPC 19_editedMy daughter looked adorable with her big pink flower on her beautiful curly hair and a pink tutu of course. She was so cute sucking her thumb and just taking it all in! I knew she would love parties like her mama. I had a butterflies table wrapped in tulle for all the girls to sit around. Each chair had butterfly wings for each girl, which doubled as favors. I made butterfly-shaped chocolate lollipops and placed inside white metal buckets on their table and cupcakes in a swirl stand as the centerpiece. There were paper butterflies all over the table as confetti. I also had tons of props, feathers, hats and funny glasses for funny pictures in front of a pink backdrop. They had tons of fun with those!APC 33_editedAPC 3_editedAPC 21_edited  The invitations, I am One, Cutie Pie Flutterby and Welcome banners were hand cut and made by me. All desserts and styling are by Sweet Events by Anna Rose. The candy was purchased at Oh, nuts! – www.ohnuts.com. The table cloth is fabric from Jo Anne’s Fabric. The Backdrop is an actual ruffle curtain from Target. The rose and butterfly details are from Michael’s crafts. The beautiful photos are by Aracely Photography.”

Wanna throw a floral party?

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Vintage Birthday: Avery's Sweet 1st Birthday-Mimi's Dollhouse

Vintage Birthday: Avery’s Sweet 1st Birthday-Mimi’s Dollhouse