Flamingo Birthday Cake Ideas for a Pink Flamingo Baby Shower or Birthday Party.

Flamingo Birthday Cakes and Flamingo Baby Shower Desserts.  Want to throw the hottest party of the season?

Style your next baby shower or birthday party flamingo style with these cute flamingo birthday cake ideas and flamingo baby shower desserts. 

Looking for a sweetly styled pink flamingo party?  Be sure to also check out our diy flamingo party ideas and flamingo party themes.

Is there anything cuter than a flamingo?  I think not…unless of course you are turning that adorable pink bird into a flamingo cake, flamingo cookies or flamingo cupcakes. 

Perfection for a gorgeously styled flamingo baby shower or flamingo birthday party! 

I love the range of shades of pink and the fact that flamingos pair so nicely with so many things. You can throw in some fruit and make it a tutti fruiti flamingo party or play with pineapples.

You can also turn up the amazing on your next pool party with a flamingo pool float!!!

Honestly the possibilities are endless!!!


☑️ This Flamingo Party Kit is the perfect set to get your party planning headed in the right direction!


Throwing a flamingo birthday party is easy peasy… grab some printable flamingo party decorations and check out all the flamingo party ideas to get you started…this theme is so on point, it basically plans itself! 

Ok maybe not itself…but there are so many inspirational ideas, you can pick and choose and make a fantastic party so very easily.

Since I’m head over heels, super duper loving this theme right now…I wanted to share some of the cutest, must see…MUST SERVE flamingo cakes and flamingo party dessert ideas around. 

If these ideas don’t get your party juices flowing, I don’t know what will.

Check out the adorableness…

DIY Flamingo Cookies from Tell Love and Party

Ummm…These are fantastic!  Not only are they the cutest little cookies, but those legs…I feel like the styling possibilities are endless. 

You can use it as a cake topper, stick them in pink flamingo cupcakes, or lay them out on a plate. 

They are so freaking awesome.  The best part…with the tutorial, these decorated flamingo cookies are easy to DIY.  I’m a sucker for DIY cookies!!


Flamingo Macarons from Sugar and Cloth

Hello gorgeous!  Macarons are like the stylish best friend of the cookie.  These Flamingo macarons are perfection.  I almost feel like they are too beautiful to eat.  (Almost…I’d definitely eat them, I mean its dessert, right!!)


Decorated Flamingo Cookies from June Baked

Looking to have some beautiful flamingo cookies made for you?  If the DIY flamingo cookies aren’t in your wheelhouse, then these are sure to please. 

I love the perfect flamingo bodies and how they are outlined with the soft blue and the fancy frame…loving it!!!! 

I might need to have these made for me like, right now!!!


Flamingo Lollipops on Catch My Party

Want an easy and sure fire why to treat even your littlest flamingo fans (or need a sweet treat to give out as flamingo birthday party favors?) 

These flamingo lollipops can be easily made with some white and pink candy melts, lollipop sticks and a flamingo lollipop mold.  Too, too cute!!!


DIY Flamingo Pool Float Cake from Aww Sam

So there is a god chance that this is actually my favorite cake EVER.  I mean…seriously…how awesome is this?  It’s a cake and a flamingo AND a pool float flamingo? 

I mean…genius…absolute genius.  I might need to plan a flamingo party, just to make this cake (yeah…it’s a DIY flamingo cake…come on son!!!!)


Flamingo Chocolate  Covered Oreos on Catch My Party

These…these chocolate covered Oreos are EVERTHING!  I don’t think these could be any cuter…I am in love!  How adorable. Let’s make a bunch and all throw flamingo parties together. 

Chocolate covered Oreos are delish and being adorable just makes them irresistible.  I can’t with the cuteness!!!

You can make these with this candy mold and some pretty pink candy melts.  Throw on some candy eyes and some black and orange decorating gel.  Awesome-sauce!


Flamingo Cookies from Lovin Oven

Here are some adorable cookies that would be the perfect addition to a flamingo themed birthday party.  So sweet and the colors are divine!


Flamingo Popcorn from Domestic Dream Boat

Ok…so who DOESN’T love some yummy popcorn?  Why not make your popcorn pretty, pink and Flamingo styled? 

This pink popcorn is perfect for a fancy flamingo party or a let’s flamingle get together…so much pretty, pinky goodness!!!


Flamingo Cupcakes from Ruze Cakehouse

Flamingo cupcakes anyone?  Ummm…yes please!!!  These flamingo birthday cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I love how dainty and feminine they look!!

They make me want to put pretty soft pink flamingos all over my living room and live in pink clouds!!!  Ok, maybe not…but they do make me want to eat pretty pink flamingo cupcakes!!!


Flamingo Cookies from Beth Bakes

Need some adorable cookies to compliment your flamingo birthday cake?

If soft and pink is a little too serious for you…these fun and funky decorated flamingo cookies are what the doctor ordered!!!  I think the cute party hats on the flamingos are the cutest ever! 

I love the glittery festiveness of these party animal cookies!!!  Let’s get our flamingo party on!!!


DIY Flamingo Rice Krispies Treats on Kara’s Party Ideas

Hello cuteness!  Do you have little ones who love rice krispies treats as much as mine do?  Then these flamingo treats are for you!!! 

You can poke a pink paper straw on tops, dip in light blue candy melts and use these Sugar Flamingos as the literal icing on the top!!!  So much fun!!!


Looking for a sweetly styled pink flamingo party?  Be sure to also check out our diy flamingo party ideas and flamingo party themes. We also have tons of other parties for girls.

Here are some must haves for throwing a flamingo party:


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Flamingo Party Tableware

Here are some easy and fun ways to dress up your party table flamingo style:

Flamingo Paper Plates from Target

Flamingo Partyware from Oriental Trading

Flamingo Tableware from Amazon



Conclusion for Flamingo Birthday Cakes & Flamingo Baby Shower Desserts:

If you are throwing a baby girl birthday or a celebrating a sweet momma-to-be, you can’t go wrong with some gorgeous pink flamingo cupcakes or a flamingo cake!

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Thank you for reading our favorite Flamingo Food Ideas!