Budget Friendly First Birthday Party Ideas

A first birthday party is not just a fun time for your child, but also a time to celebrate getting through the first year of hurdles and triumphs as a parent. It’s a great opportunity to bring together everyone who played an important role in the child’s first year of life.first-birthday-themes-for-boys

Yet, because the guest of honor is too young to have many opinions of their own on the party theme and decorations, it can be challenging for many parents to narrow down their choices and make decisions. In fact, on my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams, how to choose a first birthday theme is one of the most common questions I get from parents.

Here are some fun budget-friendly ideas for throwing a great first birthday party:

The First Birthday Theme

Picking a theme for a first birthday is probably the hardest part of planning a first birthday party. The options are limitless. One of my favorite ideas is to select the family’s favorite fairytale or a special book. I love choosing a classic because, it is not only special to the birthday boy or girl, it will bring back memories for all your guests.

Party Decorations

When it comes to decorations for a first birthday party, you’ll want to make sure your party area is not overwhelming, but vibrant enough to keep the birthday boy excited about his party. Bright, vibrant colors are great for little eyes.vintage-plane-first-birthday-party-ideas-for-boys-4850

To keep costs down, a fun idea to really personalize your little one’s first birthday is to go into their toy box and see what you can pull to decorate the party area. Bring out all of their stuffed animals and books that relate to the theme and use them as vignettes to decorate a mantle or side tables.

Another budget-friendly way to decorate is to highlight pictures of the birthday boy or girl. Create a collage of pictures to feature on a dessert table or hang them using mini clothespins from a piece of jute twine.

Party Favors and Supplies

Want to send your guests off on the right note? A great party favor will do the trick. A small favorite book that relates to the party theme works great for little guests. For adults, I always think food is a good option. Tiny preserves or cookies to eat later (or on the drive home) seem to work very well. Best of all, when you’re on a budget, you can make your own!elephant_boy_birthday_-_favors

I hope your can take these ideas and turn them into a special gathering that will create memories to last a lifetime.

What’s your favorite idea for a first birthday party?