Finally…the day after Thanksgiving is here so I can get away with playing Christmas music in the house without my husband complaining!!!  (He did actually let me put it on yesterday while I was cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, but I had to pout a little to get it.)  I can start putting up the Christmas decorations today too…I seriously think I wait all year long for this day.  I LOVE Christmas time.  It is my absolute favorite holiday.  I love everything about Christmas time.  Smells. Sounds. Lights. Trees.  I can even get excited about waiting in line to see Santa:)

Since introducing my Christmas Cards in the shop, I have been getting A LOT of feedback about the “religious themed” cards.  It seems that even though the norm in advertising these days is “happy holidays”, there are still a great number of us out there that not only need a little Christmas, but want to focus on the meaning behind Christmas and not just Old Saint Nick.

I’ve always been more of a Santa, reindeer Christmas gal.  I really have never gotten excited about religious Christmas decorations.  I think the biggest reason being…they all look the same!!  Gold leaf, crimson, calligraphy.  Something my grandmother would choose.  I’m more of a quirky decorator.

This is how the “For Unto Us” collection was born…(no pun intended).



This Christmas Decorations line is a mix of bright colors, black silhouettes, and modern style while still embracing the traditional Nativity.  I think it makes a nice compromise between the old and the new…and my grandmother agrees:)  These can be personalized and also come in a Christmas Gift Tag only set.  (This name is deceiving however, because there are soooo many gift tag options to choose from in this set. Everything from wine bottle tags to thank you cards.)


I’m ready for Christmas….now if I can only get it to start snowing…