Do you ever people watch?  I do:)

Now I’m not talking about climbing trees and peering into someones window or cyber stalking old high school boyfriends.  Nah, my kinda people watching is much less intrusive.  Honestly,  knowing who people really were would make it less fun.  Whenever we go out in public someplace we “observe” a nearby group of people.  Then we create a “story” for those people.  The more complicated and ridiculous the story…THE BETTER.  For example, that 20 something boy sitting at a table at Olive Garden with his 92 year old grandmother that keeps checking his phone,  is really a top secret super spy from the CIA who has been tasked with discovering a stash of WWII files that have been hidden by the now senile old women who used to be the girlfriend of a WWII spy.  He clearly has brought her to the restaurant to get her a little tipsy in hope that it will “help” her remember where the files are to thwart some sort of post-war Neo-Nazi terrorist plot.

Right now I’m pretty sure you either think I’m a genius or a lunatic. I recommend trying it before you knock it…pretty fun:)

One of the BEST places to people watch.  Carnivals and Fairs. Seriously….there is such an odd assortment of people at these places ALWAYS… You can really get your creative juices flowing.

Carnivals also make AMAZING party themes. Firstly, all the color and pattern possibilities are basically endless.  Secondly, activities are either already built into your venue or super easy to replicate. Bottle toss anyone?

One of the main fixtures at a carnival:  The Carousel (or Merry Go Round, depending on who you ask)!!!  There are soo many amazing Carousel party ideas and tools to make a  fabulous party.

I have a few cute client pictures to share from a sweet little Carousel first birthday party.  This party was styled by Nicole for her “Little Queen” Stella.  What a little cutie pie!!Stella1 Stella2

I also put together a fun pinterest board of Carnival and Carousel Party Ideas to help get those creative juices flowing…Carnival Pin

Check it out and do give that people watching bit a try…it really is a blast!

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