Vendor Roundup: Custom Shirts for your Party.  Looking for an adorable Custom shirt for your next birthday party?  Here are some awesome custom shirt vendors.  Be sure to also check out all our vendor recommendations.shirts pic

When I throw a party…I like to plan everything to the very last detail.  I love the food to coordinate…I love the decor to match…and I LOVE to have the little cuties looking adorable in special little outfits!  Some of my favorite, favorite favorites are the cute personalized t-shirts.  There are tons of different custom shirt vendors for all sorts of budgets, but they are not all the same quality.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite.  Hope they inspire your next party:)

1. Golden

So, Golden is hands down my FAVORITE custom shirt shop! Seriously…if you have never checked out Rachel’s designs, they will blow your mind.  One of the things that is most unique about her shirts is that every piece is cut from fabric and sewn on.  She doesn’t use an embroidery machine for personalization…each little letter is it’s own piece of fabric. Her attention to detail SHOWS!!!

I have used Golden for a few of my daughter’s parties, like the Monkey Party and the Penguin Party.  Always perfect! Always!! Here are a few samples…

golden golden2 golden3


2. Simplie Girlie Design

These shirts are super cute.  There are lots of shirt vendors that use embroidery machines and often use the same clipart on shirts.  I always try to look for those I feel are unique and extra cute and these are definitely that!!  I especially love the shark shirt.  simpliesimplie1simplie3

3. Gentry’s Closet

Here is another awesome example of unique styles.  I was originally drawn to the big sister, little mister shirts.  Cute and simple works every time!!

gentry gentry2 gentry3

4. Our Little Bowtique

Ok so isn’t the little Elephant adorable!  I sure think so.  I also love this little monster shirt too… super cute and clever.

ourlittle ourlittle2 ourlittle3

5. Tutu Kute

These are also some of the best I’ve seen for designs.  I really love the hungry caterpillar design.  So cute!

tutu3 tutu2 tutu

Whateer your theme…I’m sure these lovely ladies can make you the perfect personalized shirts!!!  Yay!!!

Be sure to also check out all our vendor recommendations.

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