Valentine’s Day: Clever Little Valentines. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m sharing some fun and clever valentine’s ideas and free printables today.  Read more for Valentine’s Day ideas and inspiration.clevervalentine

So valentine’s day…you love it or you hate it.  I never really get into the whole romantic element of valentine’s day myself…but I’m a sucker for the cute, clever, cheesy side of valentines.  School valentines are the best.  They are nothing like they used to be when we were kids.  I remember in elementary school buying the cheap little valentines you punched out and writing all my classmates names on them.  I always had two tiers of candy too.  We HAD to give everybody in class a valentine, but I would give the best candy to the kids I liked and the other candy to the ones who weren’t my friends.  Not the nicest thing I could have done, I suppose!!

Now valentines are so much more complex and often homemade.  It can be intimidating taking them for the first time, not knowing what all the other kids are bringing.  The coolest part though, are all the awesome ideas and freebies out there to make creative one-of-a-kind(ish) valentines for your kids that stand out without too much effort!!  Last year, my Aubrey took cute bee shaped crayons with tags that said “BEE mine“…this year, I am super excited about her valentines (HINT: whiskers), but I’ll share those next week.

Here are some cute and super CLEVER valentine ideas…

Just my TYPE valentines from Dwellings by Devore.  These are cute and cheeky, but still kind of sophisticated.  Perfect for an older child as well.


School Valentines from I Heart Nap Time.  These are adorable and very inexpensive.  Great for kindergarten!!


Whoopee Valentines from Paging Supermom.  ok…serious fun, right!  Just don’t be surprised if the teacher isn’t happy with this one!!


Peanut Butter and Jelly Valentines from Hostess with the Mostess.  These are sweet and girly.  My babies would love to get this one.  Especially if it came with the sandwich.


I also put together a pinterest board of clever valentine ideas!  Hope you find the right fit for your little valentine!!

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