Happy Halloween everybody…I feel kinda bad today because we are going to a trunk or treat at our church tonight which means our house will be dark and candy-less for all those trick ‘r’ treaters!!!  Yep, we are gonna be that house.

My little cheerleader and pumpkin are excited to eat candy. (In all fairness, my pumpkin gets excited to eat lint on the floor and doesn’t actually know she is getting candy).

So Halloween confessional:

I have a secret desire to be involved in a THRILLER FLASH MOB.

Sad, I know.  They just look so fun and I’m a huge Michael Jackson of the 80’s fan.  (You have to clarify that because the several reincarnations of Michael Jackson might as well be several different artists).  I love the THRILLER album.  When I was A’s age, I used to run around singing “Bee Jean” (Billy Jean).

So for all of you who want to be in my flash mob fantasy…here’s a video to practice with….

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