Introducing our first official Halloween Party!!!  A bit of spooky mixed with a bit of Halloween fun….Silly Halloween:)  This party is a blend of traditional Halloween black and orange with the trendy Seasonal colors of lime green and purple.  It includes ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, bats and witches hats to create a fun and funky holiday bash…

So I am NOT a baker!!! Or I guess most accurately, I’m not a cake decorator…I can get a cake to taste really good…looking good is a WHOLE ‘nother story.  One of the things I loved about setting this party up was the cake.  Lime green frosting and a knife makes for the perfect icky-dirty-iced cake.  This party doesn’t really NEED anything fancier!!!  It just sort of fit:)


The invites for this party are one of my favorites.  These invites are easy to assemble and add a touch of personality to the party before the guests have even arrived!!!  The sides fold down to make a bat with a simple piece of coordinating ribbon.


There are so many printable options…the possibilities are endless!!!



Printables are available in my shop!!!!  It is also available as a Halloween themed birthday party!!


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