Sharks.  Is it just me or are they some of the coolest and most terrifying creatures. They fascinate me.   My family frequents aquariums and zoos. My kids are basically OBSESSED with animals and fish.  It’s pretty cute how excited they get to go see them.  We always seem to hit the shark tank at cleaning time.  My theory is that it is always cleaning time in there.

Here’s what we observe: Two man team. One guy is suction cupped to the glass with one hand and cleaning the tank with the other.  Second guy is standing in between the first guy and the sharks with a long piece of PVC pipe (or what at least LOOKS like a PVC pipe). That guy’s job…hit the shark if it tries to attach.  SERIOUSLY.  The lesson to learn here…even on my worst day, no one has to stand behind me to beat off an angry mouth full of sharp teeth from having me for dinner.

The danger element is what makes sharks so cool.  And nothing is cooler than a Shark Party!  Especially if its a Swimming Shark Party (although, just thinking about sharks might keep me out of the pool, but I’m a wimp!)

Take a bite out of this Shark party styled by Kelly at Kustom Kakery for her son Elyjah.


DSC_2581 DSC_2568

I love how the red cupcakes wiht the white wrappers kinda look like bloody teeth…that’s a very nice touch to add to the shark theme. DSC_2561 DSC_2563 DSC_2557 DSC_2495 DSC_2545 DSC_2618 DSC_2613

Yummy shark shaped gummies are great for the party table or favor bags.  Eat them before they eat you!DSC_2580 DSC_2508 DSC_2556 DSC_2845

Check out this great cake the Kelly made!  Too, too cute!

DSC_2857Happy Birthday Elyjah!  Hope it was awesome!  (You were expecting another Shark pun, weren’t ya?!)

Vendor Credits:

Party Styling and Custom Treats: Kustom Kakery

Printables: Mimi’s Dollhouse

Wanna throw a Shark Party?

The Printable Shark Party Decorations Package is available in my shop:shark display file