Okay, so I haven’t blogged in a couple months….I know, bad Holly!!  It’s been crazy around here, but in a good way.  Mimi’s Dollhouse has been growing and growing fast.  I spent a little time focusing on some new designs and some other businessy stuff…but I’m back to blogging…promise!!!

My Radio Flyer Party has gotten a little press lately….

I was super excited when Meredith from The Party Press (a very cute and fun new party inspiration site) contacted me about featuring my little red wagon inspired party.  This is one of my favorite party designs.  So fun and nostalgic…its the perfect party for little boys (little girls too!!!)  It is an honor to have my party featured.

Check out the full Radio Flyer party feature.

I also recently listed a variation of this party design using some poppin’ robin’s egg blue stripes and red polka dots.  I love this design idea for baby showers as well.

The Radio Flyer party decorations are available in the shop.

With the weather starting to warm up…I can’t wait to get out red wagon out and go for a picnic….how ’bout you?


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