Princess Party: Shabby Chic Princess Party Ideas.  Today I’m sharing ideas for throwing a Shabby Chic Princess Party.  Be sure to checkout all our princess party ideas and inspiration.

Ok, so when you live in the land of little girls like I do, there is just nothing more girly and perfect than a little princess.  Let’s face it, Little girls LOVE princesses.  They love princess clothes, a princess story and a princess party.  The coolest part about princesses, though, is that there is so much you can do with a princess party!  As much fun as the Disney princess franchise is, (and believe me…I LOVE me some Disney Princesses) we are not limited to only those princesses with our creativity and party making!  Today I’m sharing some ideas for a Shabby Chic princess party…

1.  DIY Lace Crown Headband on The Knot

These are adorable!  I love how these look so fancy and yet are still made some lace so they have that vintage style shabby chic appeal….tooo cute!!

2. DIY Princess Hats by Bridgey Widgey

These amazing hats were handmade using shabby chic fabric.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  I think the lace ribbon is my favorite part!princess hats

3. Crown picture frame from Berry Island

This is beautiful and very feminine.  I love the use of the pearls.  The best part about party decorations like this is that after the princess party is over, you can totally hang it in your little princess’ room for her to enjoy!frame

4. Gorgeous Rosette Cake by Triple M Good Parties

I am a sucker for beautiful cakes and this one is no exception!  I love the rosettes as frosting.  This would also be great if you plan to do the cake yourself as the rosettes can be a little forgiving if you mess up your spacing a little here or there…it just adds to the shabby chic motif!cake

5. DIY Arrows by Carolyn’s Homework

Is your little princess a Brave fan?  These girly homemade arrows are adorable and would be great in the decor or for games and activities.  This is also a great way to make your party a little more boy friendly.  Winning!Arrows 5[8]

6. Fondant Cinderella Slippers by Edible Details

These Cinderlla pillow/slipper cupcake toppers are amazing. They are not only beautiful, they are also super easy to use. Regardless of what your princess party style is, they can easily be adapted to shabby chic, or bright and fun.  LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

I have also compiled a pinterest board of shabby chic princess party ideas.  Hope you enjoy!!

Here are some helpful links for a shabby chic princess party:

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Princess Party: Shabby Chic Princess Party Ideas.  Today I'm sharing ideas for throwing a Shabby Chic Princess Party.  Be sure to checkout all our princess party ideas and inspiration.