Parenting: Growing up Girly and Skinned Knees.  Today I’m talking a little about parenting girls.  If you enjoy reading this, please do checkout my other posts about family.Growing Up Girly Pic

So anyone who knows me knows I LOVE having girls.  They are amazing and beautiful and sweet.  They can play rough and tumble, but still stay clean.  They can be aggressive, and yet still sensitive and caring.  They can make mud pies in the yard with a big bow in their hair while talking about their earrings.

Yep Girls are AWESOME SAUCE!  Sometimes its like having real life dolls to play with.  I love dressing them up and doing their hair.  I love teaching them about make-up and fingernail polish and listening to them talk about growing up to be mommies.  I even love the never-ending Disney princess soundtrack.  I get girls…girls are easy.  I never really fancied myself a “girly girl” but then I became mommy to my first little princess and my life became enveloped with pink and lace and ribbons.  Now I am resigned to the fact that we are girly up in here!


The thing about parenting girls that I don’t quite get…when they aren’t being girly.  My daughters’ got their first big girl bikes for Christmas.  They were super excited.  Running outside…all about the bike riding.  It was all energy and excitement and less girly softness.  When they flip that switch, it totally cracks me up!!  They took to the bikes right away and I was super impressed with how well they did…until Aubrey fell.
IMG_6200 IMG_6204

It was her first official Skinned Knee.  She was so upset, but such a trooper about it.  We cleaned it up and she was so proud to show it off!  Then the girly girl returned full force when she realized she had torn a hole in her leggings.  Lol…such is raising girls.  Trust me, I wouldn’t want it any other way!!IMG_6203

If you enjoy reading this, please do checkout my other posts about family.

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