Have you experienced Anthropologie? I mean the store, not the 101 class you took freshman year to fulfill the Gen Ed credit. It’s amazing. I had perused it a bit online but never really got into it. Then I went in one beautiful Saturday afternoon. OH-MY how my perspective on life and shopping has changed. This is the first time I have relished slowly walking through a store to gaze and smell and touch and soak up the extravagant items. Oh its loverly. I bought these bowls. 1

I bought them so I would have enough for all the gals in my book club and enough for all the tables at Bunco night. Also it was my birthday, and I wanted them {and they were super discounted}.  There are eight and they’re all different. So if one breaks and I have to buy an extra that doesn’t match from Goodwill, it doesn’t matter cause they already don’t match. Genius? Yes, I concur.

I also bought these here Drawer pulls cause it was my birthday. They don’t match either. I like it that way. 2

I have recently purchased an Origami Owl Locket {they’re fabulous}. That plus my current necklaces makes four necklaces.   Four is enough that they now officially need a home other than a hanger in my closet.

Earlier that day I had pulled apart these pallets for my not yet completed head board project.  3

Most of them popped off pretty nicely with a little elbow grease but one broke all jagged right in half-ish. Well I threw it across the yard and kept going.  Eventually I had one pallet all pulled apart and was way too pooped to start on another.

Anywho, I came home with the knobs {and the bowls and a few dresses cause it was my birthday and I had never seen SO much stuff SO marked down}, ready to make this adorable necklace holder I saw on Pinterest. It was just a picture and didn’t click through to a link {nothing more annoying, am I right?!} so I was on my own, but you don’t have to be, since I put together this necklace holder tutorial.

I had some left over nice clean pine in the garage that I pulled out, but quickly decided it wasn’t rustic enough. I didn’t want to use my hard earned pallet boards and I sure as heck wasn’t pulling any more part today. But wait! The broken in half-ish board that I threw across the yard! It was pretty jagged on one end so I trimmed it up with a jig saw.  You could pretty much use any saw to trim it

up though. Or not, if you like the extra rustic look. {if you don’t have access to a saw go get a 1 inch by 4 or 5 inch board from Home Depot and have the nice man cut it for you}

*Side Note* Always use eye protection when using a saw, drill, Dremel or anything. And I’m not just saying this cause I work at an eye Dr. Even with protection I’ve gotten bits in my eye and it is NOT awesome. 4

Then I measured and marked my distances and drilled holes.  I don’t freestyle well. 5

I lined up the drill bits end to end with knobs and tried to find the closest size. The first two drill bits I used were too small. I just kept going up a size till I found one that would let the knobs slip easily through without being too wobbly. *WARNING* You can drill a hole bigger but you can NOT drill a hole smaller! Don’t go too big too fast. If your wood doesn’t already have left over nail holes you’ll also need to drill some holes near the top for the hanging wire.

Next step was sliding in the knobs and screwing the nuts on the back. Finger tight then I used a little wrench. 6

Make ‘em nice and tight. 7

I had about half an inch of screw hanging off the back, which I sliced off with my Dremel, that I had just received for {did I mention?} my birthday. How handy! Now if it’s not your birthday and you don’t have a Dremel ask a few gal pals if they have one. Then make them a batch of brownies and borrow theirs for the afternoon. 8

Now it’s wire time. I had a left over spool of wire about one mm thick that’s nice and pliable.  I fed it through the back and out the front then took a pencil and wrapped the end around with pliers till I got a nice little curly Q.  9

Slam a nail in the wall and toss some necklaces on and you’re done!

After I made mine I made a few more for some friends. I used a few different colors for each of their specifics and one I even painted first. I loved how all of them turned out. Not including shopping time, it probably took less than 30 minutes.  I’m sure there are lots of ways to make this awesomely your own. Enjoy!

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