Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln…It’s Spring Break, it’s Spring Break!!!

Woo hoo…doing a happy dance:)

Time for a little getaway from reality!  Today, we are in one of my happy places…Disneyland!  We are definitely a Disney Family.  It’s one of our favorite places to visit.  I’m one of those moms who dresses my babies up in cutesy little Disney themed outfits too.  They have quite a collection of Princess, Minnie Mouse, Jessie the Cowgirl and various other fun character dresses and t-shirts.  They LOVE dressing up too, which of course makes it sooo much easier to dress them:)  The hard part is getting them to take the cute stuff off!!

A few weeks back I shared a quick photo of my daughter’s in their Jessie the Cowgirl Dresses.  I promised I would share some more photos, and so in honor of our trip, I thought this would be a good day to brag on my cute babies a bit.  Also, to let you see the whole outfit and know where you can get one too…cuz they are REALLY cute.

Jessie pic1

Like I said before…I dress them up a lot.  We always have people commenting on their little outfits.  What was remarkable about THIS outfit, however, was the number of Disneyland Employees who stopped us to rave about them.  One memorable shopkeeper said “Those are the BEST Jessie outfits I’ve ever seen, and I see A LOT!”  Given that she was working near the area that the Toy Story gang typically takes pictures..she probably really does see a lot of costumes.  Becasue the outfits are so cute and such a hit, I want to share the amazing shop where you can get them.  Swing by Charlotte and Claire and check out the cuteness.  You will not be disappointed!!
Jessie pic2 Jessie pic3I hope you enjoy the pics:)  We will be enjoying our little mini vacay!! Yee Haw!!


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