How to…Assemble and Use Candy Labels and Stickers.  Need help figuring out how to assemble and use your candy labels?  This is the post for you!  Be sure to check out all of our How to… posts and party tips.  Also be sure to check out our paper recommendations and recommendations for punches.Candy Labels Pic

How to…Print your Candy Labels, Wraps and Stickers:

Let’s talk Printing.  All labels print on size 8.5×11 paper.  I recommend matte or thick glossy photo paper, but card stock also works. Here is a link for detailed paper recommendations. If you are printing the candy bar labels, each page will have 2 labels on it.  If you are printing candy wraps, the number of items will vary. If you are printing the 3/4″ candy stickers, each page will have 80 stickers.  All labels can be printed at home from any normal home printer.  Color variations may occur based on the printer, ink and paper combination you select.  I recommend always printing on your printer’s “best” or “photo” setting for highest quality and ensure that your printer has adequate ink.  Low ink levels can make colors appear dull.

If you do not want to print at home, files can be printed at any local print shop that prints PDF files. Places like OfficeMax, Staples, and FedEx are great options.) Printing options are also available here.unnamed (18)

How to…Assemble your Candy Labels:

Assembly is super easy.  Once the files are printed, cut out the circles along the edge of the design. or even easier and cleaner edges, use a 3/4″ Paper Punch if you are using the Candy stickers.  You can then use hot glue the circles to the bottom of hershey’s kisses.  For Candy Labels and Wraps, fold the design around the candy bar and use glue or tape together around the candy bar.  Labels will cover the entire candy bar, wraps will not.  Circles and Labels can also be printed on adhesive paper to be used as a sticker.  Here are my adhesive paper recommendations. Easy Peasy.13-Soccer fix 1

How to…Use your Candy Labels, Stickers and Wraps:

Here’s where you can let your imagination run wild.  Get creative with the places you use the labels and it will be awesome!

Here are a few examples of some different and creative displays…

Above the labels are from the Barcelona Party and the Stickers are from the Minecraft Party.

IMG_0654_fa6a3d31-615f-40ca-8581-9a33b4d16e85 image_4

Above in the Stork Baby Shower and Dinosaur Party, the candy stickers were used as confetti and spoon toppers.  The stickers below are from the Hello Kitty Party.
DSC02858 Thanks5

Above the Candy Labels are from the Monkey Party and below are Candy Wraps from the Game Night candyland

Be sure to check out all of our How to… posts and party tips.  Also be sure to check out our paper recommendations and recommendations for punches and our FAQ page if you have any questions!!