Easter: Egg-tastic Easter Egg Crafts. Today I’m sharing some cute Easter Egg Crafts and Ideas.  Be sure to also check out all our Easter Ideas and Crafts.egg pin pic

Ok…does anybody else feel like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are like crazy close together this year?  Wow.  I can hardly catch my breath. It’s like they are just one ginormous holiday instead of two totally unrelated holidays.  I think there should be a law that iconic holidays have to have at least 3 weeks separating them.  It’s only fair….

I’m putting together an Easter party this year and decided to scale back my SPD crafts, etc. so I could put a little bit more time into Easter.  This apparently has caused me to ruin my daughter’s life.  She was devastated that I didn’t send “something like cupcakes” with her to school for St. Patrick’s Day.  She used to think I was awesome.  Now I have to re-earn my cool mom badge by stepping it up for Easter.  Being a mom to little girls can be soo much drama!!  You think I’d have seen this one coming. Oy!

For Easter, I am putting together a cute carrot party. By the way, have you seen the new printable carrot party design?  It is available for purchase in my shop.

I have some super cute ideas and some amazing goodies from some of my favorite party ladies…I think it’s gonna be killer:)

To ensure that I bring my “A Game” for Easter (I can’t let the little princess down twice in one month), I have been exploring some awesome Easter egg crafts and inspired projects.  I have compiled a pinterest board full of fun and creative ways to make, and decorate easter eggs and some great Easter Egg Crafts.  Check it out.

Here are some of my favorites:

Glitter Eggs from Better Homes and Gardens

Aren’t these adorable?  So funny and girly…


Sharpie Eggs from Obviously Sweet

These are awesome…so modern and unique.  LOVE it!!


I am especially in love with the glitter eggs.  Gorgeous, right!! I think my girls would flip for those:) What better way to say, Easter Eggs are awesome than to dress them up in style.  Besides,who doesn’t like glitter?

I really love Easter.  It might be my favorite holiday, except of course for Christmas and Fourth of July.  (I know…I’m a nerd.  I’m cool with that.)

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